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    How accurate is K/D?

        The highest K/D on record broken by XxBonavaxX13 had an amazing K/D. 21.83! Thats well over what can be believed. Most of you probably think he camped for it, but I don't really know. Whether he camps or rushes, he still obtained it.

         But heres the thing: Does this make him the most skill player of all time?


      K/D is a tool used to measure a player's kills and deaths. K/D is created by taking the total amount of kills somebody has and dividing it by the total number of deaths somebody has.  The number you get is your Kill/Death Ratio.


      It is not certain whether or not it matters, it is pretty hard to find out a logical answer. Many people have came up with ways to try and say why it matters and why it doesn't. Its pretty hard to fight each side for it.

      Here's an example:

      Somebody goes on the CoD Forums and gives his reasonings as to why K/D does matter. His explanations are logical, and make sense.

      Then, somebody else goes on the CoD Forums and gives his reasonings as to why K/D doesn't matter. Still just as logical as the other post, but there's a problem.

      Both posts are just as logical and agreeable with one another, but if somebody takes one side, he can't really fight the other reasonings because they really have no connection or link between each other.


      But, how can it determine skill? Well, it pretty much says how many kills you have for every death, so why doesn't it matter? It hard to say. Skill can only be expressed in a functional way. Is somebody who camps that has the same score as somebody who rushed just as skilled?


      For what some players do, and the gamemodes they play, it matters at a different level. TDM players really are just going for kills so somebody's K/D score at the end of the game really does matter. Because in TDM your going for nothing but kills. But how?

      Well usually in games players on all teams have a different amount of skill. The one player we are focusing on can correspond with all this. His runs into a player, and the player he is going to face has more skill than him, but all depending on the weapon he uses he probably will lose that gunfight. Then after that death he gets a kill because he runs into a player with less skill. This can go on and have a trillion mixes to it, but when it comes to that, that one player must learn how to dodge the more skilled players and run into the less skilled players.


      There are 2 other stat factors that can have the same power as K/D: W/L Ratio and Score Per Minute. If these 3 are linked, then yes it really can matter. High K/D, high SPM, and high W/L probably means he is good and that his K/D does matter. Because his SPM means he plays actively not campy, and W/L means he doesn't rage quit  or verse noobs. Again, there are many mixes to this.


      So, if you think about, K/D can only matter if it has SPM and W/L as a backup. Let me know what your opinions on this is, and thanks for reading.

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          I am not a great believer in stats.


          -W/L is greatly influenced by whether or not you play with a clan and the quality of that clan.

          -K/D's reflection of your skill depends on which game mode you play.


          Both can be meaningless when you take dashboarding into account, at least on the Xbox360.


          SPM isn't in Ghosts.


          I honestly think people pay too much attention to stats. That being said, someone who has an above 20 KDR and is legit has me in awe.

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            First off, very well put.


            I believe that stats such as these are a gauge. It gives people a general idea of the players overall ability in that stat.


            I also believe that the importance of these stats is different for every player. For a "once a week" player, these stats probably don't hold to much weight on them. For a player who plays competitively, these are incredibly important, and all stats count.


            In a nutshell, the stats matter as much as you personally believe in their importance.

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              k/dr in and of itself is not accurate. it can be easily manipulated in various ways. Same as with w/r. Not even spm is really idicative of skill or performance or how a player plays.


              I have played in bo2 as a total campy player and had a higher spm than those that rushed around for kills. I have also had the highest k/dr in a match yet been at the bottom of the lobby before.


              individually the stats mean nothing and can be manipulated. taken together they give some idea about skill but not a complete picture as toward skill level or how that player may do on an individual game all the time.


              I have often gone on 3+ k/dr games while my overall k/dr is only 1.10 because I also play obj games like dom where I don't care at all what my k/dr ends up for those matches.

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                I dont pay KDR much mind at all. I look at win/loss and try to work out if there are people running in a group. Even then I take all that with a grain of salt as stats are so easily warped. You can have a monster win/loss from playing Infected all the time, you can dashboard to preserve stats etc etc etc.


                They are an indication of what you MIGHT be facing, but no more than that. And this is before we factor in connectivity...

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                  when it comes to objective games, sometimes you give up kd, for the win, like say there are tons of tags for KC, and you grab a ton and end up dying but keep grabbing...your team wins, you have a negative kdr , but a ton of tags....then theres dom when you maybe the only person going for  the pts.

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                    I liked all your comments. Feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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                      K/D is crap to a degree. It can tell if you are a somewhat good player, but there's that gray area of .75-1.5 K/D where players are either really good or bad. If a person is dying for the objective constantly, he's/she's always in the action and in the heat of oncoming bullets, then they deserve to be called good if they earn the right. But their K/D is .7. What really defines a good player? That is the question.

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                        Using a combination of average kills per game + kill death ratio is usually a good indicator on TDM.


                        Win/Loss doesn't really prove anything on this game where you are more likely to be thrown into a loss than a lobby.


                        Other modes are better served by the old Score Per Minute function although that wasn't exactly infallible.

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                            I am a random that takes a 5 minutes break every 3-4 games. I also do not hesitate to leave a lobby after a match because I don't like the next map, or for some reason didn't like the playstyle of the lobby.


                            Now in Ghosts I am often stuck into a game that has 2 minutes or less to go, so my KpG suffers.


                            I agree the more stats you look at the clearer the picture, but I think stats are very misleading. I like to keep a distracted eye on my own because I use them as a gauge of my performance but I almost never look at someone else's.

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                            No stat can say any thing about skill.

                            Players who play mostl with clans have an other skillset than people that play alone
                            And people that play domination have another skillset than people that play TDM etc.


                            When I play dom for example I will try to cap and defend the flags. Other people just rush the enemy flag to get kills and die

                            And when I play kc I'm a tag runner.

                            And playing TDM I can play slow with a sniper. Not good with sniper so than I will go worse.

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                              I don't trust anyone with over a 3 K/D. Sure there are those who have it legitimately that high, but it's still incredibly hard to believe. If you have a K/D over 20 you boosted but haven't been caught, Hell if it's over 5 you boosted. To keep a K/D that high you need to average more than 5 kills per death. At that high any extra death exponentially decreases you ratio. Any extra death. Just one more death than you normally have will cut it down quickly. With Ghosts' terrible spawns there's no way he avoids stupid deaths every game. So don't believe in this K/D.


                              As far a general stat this is a timeless debate. In short, a K/D is what you make of it. It's only as important as you want it to be. Each player has their own perspective on it. I look at my K/D like a barometer; it tells me how I'm doing for that week. If it goes up I'm doing something right. But, if it goes down I need to make some changes. I take it as it is and I don't try to manipulate it. Recently my K/D has been going down. I stop to think why this is. Most of the time it's pretty obvious. I've been playing solo a lot and I'm also playing more DOM than TDM so I'm sticking my neck out there more than usual.

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                                  Someone could have a beastly KD thanks to Infected....

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                                    Don't you think people would've been suspicious already? And to be clear, before records can go onto leaderboards, it is confirmed always by Activision whether or not it is a legit K/D Ratio. He did not boost, hack, or lag switch at any given time. He is also prestiged 3 times, which makes this legit. It is hard to believe, sometimes I still think he cheated, but to be fair this is a world record so its not like he's just an everyday person.


                                    And what I think he does is get into a lobby with a bunch of noobs and spawn traps. Those two simple things gave him an advantage to his K/D. Not saying he obtained it like all of us do, but he did not cheat.


                                    You also had me up to the point where you said "almost anyone above a 3 K/D would be a booster." Well, you are saying this to a guy with a 4.781 K/D Ratio, but I don't boost or cheat. My K/D is very hard to keep high, I usually play Domination or Kill Confirmed to keep it like that, but at times if I turn to TDM it does NOT helpbecause of the score limit on it way too low to even keep above a 3.000.


                                    My response to you is that I have a K/D way past a 3, and what you said about 3+ K/D's having to boost for it isn't true. This isn't supposed to be me bragging about my K/D, because to be honest I could care less what my K/D is. I would rather have it be low and still have fun and do good than be high and do bad.


                                    And you may think I play infected a lot, but I will usually only play it if I'm bored. I usually only play Dom and KC, but please don't call someone a booster just because they have a K/D above 3 or 5.

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                                    people play domination yet dont cap

                                    they get an EXCELLENT RETURN on KD

                                    they cannot get this on TDM?!

                                    ATTEMPTED CAPS should be added in that instance & game XP related

                                    i have a reasonable W/L but bad KD cos i play domination & generally in pub lobbies you will get the cretin that plays for Kd cos hes showin off to his m8s,so me n my 2 m8s do all the work & they get the KD

                                    i have a little more in my life than a poxy KD lol

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                                      to me, agree with the one who said it depends on game-mode and teammates, but i believe it's nevertheless somehow an indicator of a players skill, as it shows how you handle or doing in game...but with the possibility to "save" a good k/d by out-logging from psn, when game isn't best, it's also pretty difficult and hard to say if the k/d is true or faked....alone in my friends-list i see people playing ghosts and going on/off all the time to manipulate their k/d, logging out when game is obviously bad for them and the bad game then doesn't affect the k/d ...sure, a good player wouldn't need to do it often, but you never can be sure if everyone is honest enough to accept a 2-30 for example ,)


                                      my k/d is pretty well for me, and also not fake...but with a little manipulation it would be much higher too, as there were games i simply accepted when i got my butt kicked^^


                                      another thing is also the terrible spawn-system, as i believe with it, being the worst enemy of all, also hard to say, as me for example, got killed 19 times without moving one feet at warhawk once in a game :/

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                                        TwistorNation wrote:


                                          The highest K/D on record broken by XxBonavaxX13 had an amazing K/D. 21.83! Thats well over what can be believed.


                                        And I sure hope you don't believe it.

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                                          i think kd is a good indicator of whether or not you are a good player, but does not necessarily mean you are a good player. it is the most useful stat that is displayed on the cod screen.


                                          example of a hypothetical player that i would not want on my team: Player A gets 2 kills per game on average. after 10 games player A experiences one death on average. this is a 20kd player, but he only contributes 2 kills toward the goal of 75 in a tdm game mode.


                                          example of a hypothetical player i would want on my team: Player B gets 20 kills per game on average. Experiences 10 deaths per game on average. This player only has a kd of 2.0, but contributes 20 kills while only costing his team 10 kills.


                                          Player B would be much more valuable to me when it comes to winning a game of tdm. i would say for tdm a kill differential per game is a more accurate stat. player A would have a kill differential per game of 2, and player b would have a kill differential per game of 10. ((number of kills-number of deaths)/number of games) = kill differential per game.

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                                            Well I rather like the W/L ratio, I like to win, not to dominate the match. In TDM as example I'm getting good K/D ratios usually, in SnD or Blitz i'm usually getting a 1.x or higher ratio.


                                            It's a good feeling winning a match against some 2k/d players.

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                                              Your premise is off:

                                              TwistorNation wrote:


                                              But, how can it determine skill?


                                              This is the problem right there:


                                              1 - why should one be trying to show skill

                                              2 - why should one be trying to determine skill

                                              3 - wait for it...


                                              Why do people think there is such a thing as "skill" in a video game?


                                              Sure some people are better at playing the game than others, and yes the best of the best can make money doing so... but if said skill cannot be applied to real life endeavors, said skill is fundamentally useless.


                                              The next comment is not meant as a direct insult to anyone, but think about it for a moment: If your greatest demonstration of your prowess is playing a video game... it is time to grow up get one's priorities straight (this comment is obviously not inttended for someone who has not reached an age that can get a f****ing job*!)


                                              /rant (please appreciate the level of seriousness, and sarcasm, for what it is)


                                              * even one who is disabled can do stuff to help someone else, even if only at home.

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                                                i believe there is a truth to KD it does tell players how well that player with a  high KD can kill and stay alive, which is the point of it. it doesnt mean they win all the time, or have bad games. so no i dont feel its a deciding factor on how good a player is.. if i saw 23.whatever KD i would think first MOD.. there is no way someone can stay alive to get 23kills before they die on average consistently.. not with all the b.s. in the game


                                                i am a few good games away from 5.0 kd and it isnt easy to achieve, so a 23kd? no not buying it

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                                                  I have a horrendous KD, last time I checked it was .75 lol yeah terrible. However I play a lot of blitz and always play the objective, I average over 6 caps per game and my ranking is around 3300. If you judged me by my kd you would think I was a terrible player.

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                                                      * slow clap *


                                                      If I judged by KD, I agree I would not want to play with you.

                                                      If I was building a team of Blitz players, you would be at the top of the picks.


                                                      Which is more important? Some have this backwards.


                                                      Bravo to you.

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                                                          Thanks for the compliments Rlbl and Bielsalmighty! My cap average would be higher if I wasn't playing with randoms so often, Im in a clan but they aren't always online when I am thats just the nature of life I guess. I run an FP6 (gold ) fore grip and muzzle break along with a throwing knife Perks: light weight, marathon, blast shield, dead silence, ready up, and takedown.


                                                          The idea here is ohk weapons, stealth & speed . Since your rushing and silent you will get very close to people, the fp6 is almost always ohk up close. The knife is a great silent ohk. Blast shield defends you from all the explosives around the goal/ objective. ready up is super important with the shotty as your hip firing frequently. Takedown is recommended because you don't want the enemy to know where your doing your dirty work. I also use a headset.


                                                          there is a lot more too it also like flank routes & tactics etc.


                                                          If Im on a team that communicates and has structure then everyone gets what they want. Loads of kills and killstreaks for the defensive/mid players, a win, and whoever runs with me will certainly get caps too as I am willing to be a decoy for the team so we can all have fun.


                                                          This especially runs true after halftime and makes for an awesome second half. Lets say we are ahead by a long shot, then the only way for the opposition to win is to score, that means many players loosing their cool and rushing our goal that = kills.


                                                          Often ill take it to 15 caps and my teammates just beast on opposing team so the "killers" can have their fun


                                                          I'm always looking to run with people so feel free to add me as a friend to your ps4 account. My name is the same 'squarefodder'

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                                                              No smoke grenades? I love em when running in Blitz, got a 5.44 CPG despite having to battle my mates for caps every time we play Blitz. Chuck a couple of smokes at the enemies portal area and if you dont benefit from the cover, a teammate will. Just be aware most peoples response to this is to try and portal-block...

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                                                                  I find a lot of players portal blocking so the smoke can be an issue, it also lets the enemy know you've arrived. We should run together, with a good defense behind us we can win often.


                                                                  i forgot to mention i run support streaks: maaws nightowl and oracle. sometimes i get trophy kills from the night owl!!

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                                                              Over 6 CPG? Daaaayum, thats sweet as!!

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                                                              'How accurate is K/D

                                                              In terms of mathematics its accurate because its simply a calculation of what the game records in terms of kills over death. Its accurate.


                                                              In terms of the quality of a player, well sure. Most who have a high KD are noticeably better than the ones who have a lower one.

                                                              But, how can it determine skill?

                                                              You can only determine yours first. When you deal with a very good player you know it, when you party and play with another who is good you know it. When you deal with a poor player you know it, when they are on your team you know. Whats to determine? The way we each play speaks plenty to how "skilled" we are.

                                                              Is somebody who camps that has the same score as somebody who rushed just as skilled?

                                                              Your asking the wrong questions, its not about camping or rushing or jumping or ducking or proning, in TDM as you said its about more kills over deaths. PERIOD nothing more nothing less.

                                                              So, if you think about, K/D can only matter if it has SPM and W/L as a backup. Let me know what your opinions on this is, and thanks for reading.

                                                              I liked the SPM from BO2 because it involves more than just wins/loses kills/deaths it was a decent indicator of what someone did in a game.

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                                                                Ugh. Another kdr thread.


                                                                Is there any way we can limit these to 1 per hour?

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                                                                    Cant think of a way to limit the number of threads involving kdr. I would like to propose a new solution. We could create multiple duplicates of all other threads to dilute the percentage of threads devoted to kdr. Or random threads with weird subjects like "who is better at call of duty, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck and why."