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    What is this lag ?...and some feedback.

      Uhm... I don't think this case has been addressed enough times, since there has been no fix for this problem since the launch.



      So yeah, for example today, at the last game of TDM I played, the last killcam was enough proof of the lag issues with this game for me. I dashed to a corner, heard a guy coming, started shooting and got like 4-5 hitmarkers to the guy before he fired a single bullet at me, but I ended up getting one shotted by an LMG... In the killcam though, my gun didn't fire a single bullet before the guy came out of the corner, with the slowest reflexes ever, turned around and sprayed the crap outta me.


      I'd understand this if my connection was poor, but since it's a 100meg connection, I don't see how this can happen ?... and it's not the only time this has happened, almost every game I go into has this same lag, and it's bugging the hell out of me. Would be fine too if the game didn't cost me 100€ with the DLC pack and all, but hell, I'm no millionaire !


      Would it finally be time to release the Dedicated Servers onto CoD:G, and finally give us the chance of enjoying the game ?... I know that there aren't alot of players on the PC, but there still are a few of us who enjoy this game whenever it's not lagging and being hacked all the time.


      I'd also like to give a little feedback on the level of information you guys keep on providing the PC community, again I know that the PC population is alot inferior vs. the consoles, but providing us with little, or no information at all beforehand is not going to raise your points ( it's completely the other way around, it's like peeing in your own cereal ! ).


      There are alot of other issues you guys should also fix with the game, but I'm not even gonna start on them... and also, I'm not mad about this stuff, just frustrated... and seriously about to give up with this and move on to other games...

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          Re: What is this lag ?...and some feedback.

          There's no correlation between 'Bandwidth' (Mbps) and 'Ping Rate' (time in 'ms'to bounce a packet to and from routers). A good location with low hops to an ISP with 1 Mbps up & down is more than enough for gaming. Further, this game, as it is currently, is all P2P (Peer-to-Peer) and the overall connection quality is up to the Host chosen by the game itself and from Lobby to Lobby is never the same ... i.e. there currently are no Dedicated Servers. In general 'Lag Comp' breaks down as the [Max Ping - Lowest Ping > 75 ms] variance and you can often get what you've described a 'Broken Camera' Kill Cams.


          Now if there are Dedicated Servers the 'Pot Luck' of good and bad 'Lag' lobbies will reduce, but all of the other variables will still remain.


          The largest variable is proximity to the 'server(s)' or P2P Host locations and both the number and consistency of the 'Hops' from Router-to-Router. Some recommend PingTest.net but in gaming that single result shows nothing helpful, so instead i recommend PingPlotter.com and run a prolonged series of tests; example one of the older BO2 servers ( or etc) or any game servers. It will be illuminating to both the variance of ping and to the number of lost/dropped packets that you experience in-game.


          Lastly, steaming a 'Buffered' movie with a 100 Mbps connection with horrible and inconsistent 'Jitter' or any download etc is unnoticeable ... gaming however with inconsistent 'Hops' and 'Jitter' can be a horrible experience.

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              Re: What is this lag ?...and some feedback.

              To me it comes down to match making. I constantly get connected to hosts in california (I'm in Chicago). The data can only travel from here to there and back so fast. It's physics. I shouldn't be getting connected to hosts that far away. Instead I get them all the time.

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              Re: What is this lag ?...and some feedback.

              Greetings onnenonkija,


              Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns and feedback in regards lag.


              I will make sure to forward your feedback to the appropriate parties. In the meantime, please visit the following link which contains useful information about how to get rid of lag: Activision Support. Also, let me know if you are on a wired or a wireless connection and if you can post your speedtest.net on a link.




              ATVI Support

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                  Re: What is this lag ?...and some feedback.

                  Hey, I took some time and read the support link you provided, nothing there I could do. Here's the speedtest link Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results ... I'm not sure where the servers are located though, I think the matchmaking is just messing around with me and connecting me into regions I shouldn't be playing in... and yeah, I'm connected via wired connection, so should be no problem.

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                      Re: What is this lag ?...and some feedback.

                      Again SpeedTest.net or for that matter PingTest.net test/data means zip. Try PingPlotter.com and test a few game servers. Also, you're in Finland and if you're playing with a lot of USA players and it's just you outside the USA then you're going to have problems starting with inconsistency.


                      I appreciate (ATVI) support but when it comes to networking ... I own a data center and that's what I do for a living. Read what I stated above. Further, if you're running anything less than a GTX 760/HD 7970 (R9 280X) bare minimum and @ very low settings you are also getting ADS Stutter and FPS drops/inconsistency which mimics 'Lag Comp' because its a form of 'Input Lag.'

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                          Re: What is this lag ?...and some feedback.

                          Yeah, I understood what you said above. I didn't know why the support wanted me to do a speedtest, I understand that it isn't in no way connected to the lag ingame. I usually get most of my enemies from Russia and EU countries, I think I haven't really played against people from the US. I think the matchmaking is just messing with me... Yesterday and today I haven't experienced any lag whatsoever, but usually in a week, the game is laggy more than it is playable... this is the exact reason why we need dedicated servers ingame, even though they are easily abused, it would help people to find a server they can play at, and help establish a good community within the servers, with no hackers !

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                            Re: What is this lag ?...and some feedback.

                            that how to get rid of lag article atviassist keep linking is terrible , its so full of errors, bad information and mistakes. No idea how whoever wrote it got it passed as a good article

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