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    Tryhard Clan zFL Recruiting! 2+ KD/R!

      The clan zFL is now recruiting! All you must do to join is be active, and meet all the requirements. They are as follows : Have a 2+ KD/R On ANY account of yours, without the use of hacks or dashboarding. The only other requirements are to a) Face Dropz-For-Life or a co-leader, and get 15 kills out of 30 at least. And b) Have a mic which you actively use. Once you have these requirements, you must make an account with the name scheme ______z-For-Life. There you go, you are now in one of the best and most active clans in PS3 black ops!


      For info contact Dropz at Dropz-For-Life ( PSN ) by sending me a message titled "Recruitment". If I'm not online, send a message to Dredz-For-Life or Winz-For-Life. We will have weekly clan pictures, and tear sh*t up often.