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        30. Re: Invisible glitch

        It's not a glitch, it's a modded custom class. The only way you can obtain it, as if you are on firmware v3.55 DEX and can get a hold of a mod menu which contain those classes. That's how most of these people get it, mainly by paying for the service.

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          31. Re: Invisible glitch

          actually, its not a glitch, its a hack/mods that they use to make them invisible, they messed up my server on my router that i have to go wired connection, when u meet 1 of them again, eithedr report boosting, cheating, and exploiting cuz those all 3 together make it sound good of invisibility, cuz easy kills and all that crap

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            32. Re: Invisible glitch

            i meet these guys 5 times a day, and they pisses me off, 1 of my friends actually killed 1 of these cheaters, he saw a bounching betty just poped out of no where and he started spraying to get the invisible basterd

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              33. Re: Invisible glitch

              dude, black ops 1 has invisible and god mode hackers and glitchers too. they do it because they know the makers won't do a damn thing about it. CoD multiplayer is a joke now, because its all about hacking and glitching and has lost the element of "skill" completely. I don't mind if someone is actually better than me, but look how many hackers and glitchers there is now. It's unplayable nowadays and is a joke, sadly.

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                34. Re: Invisible glitch

                This has gotten much, much worse over the last couple of weeks.  Six months ago I might see one or two per week, now it's to the point where I see several PER DAY!!!  I have NO confidence in the "in-game reporting system" that all the official corporate responses ask us to continue to use.  Just look at how far back these postings go. What surprises me is how this hasn't been patched by now.  Shouldn't the game developers be more sophisticated than the hackers? How do you even allow the code to be that vulnerable.  Is Activision just not allocating resources to this pervasive problem?  I guess the EULA is a completely one-sided agreement where users should have no expectation of playing compliant users.  I used to report guys for much less blatant offenses like modded controllers (i.e. making semi-autos automatic) but I'd gladly play with those guys over the invisible hackers.  I don't particularly like the newer CODs - I think MW3 has been the best iteration - but if the hacking situation doesn't get better it's going on the shelf for good. 


                Side note:  I regularly get put on "probation" in BOII for quitting games early despite the fact that I don't even play it that often, plus, in 1-2 years I'll bet I haven't deliberately quit a dozen matches across ALL COD games.  I get kicked for server connections timing out and other reasons beyond my control but I get punished for it.  Meanwhile, guys openly advertise boosting lobbies, hacks, etc., even putting hacked matches on YouTube.

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                  35. Re: Invisible glitch

                  PLAYSTATION 3

                  So true, seeing this problem all the time now, and the only thing I'm doing is reporting to Activision. Tho I doubt they are doing "anything" about it, cause the game is pretty old. The same thing with World at war and modern warfare 2 and Black Ops 1, its unplayable!!!!!!!


                  By the way, what is the point for reporting players during the game by pressing "report button" he will still be in the game list no matter how many times you are pressing report button.


                  Here is my list so far, and it keeps going bigger and bigger.




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                    36. Re: Invisible glitch

                    Yes they should be ban for the rest of their lives, so they would need to buy another machine, over and over again =)!

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                      37. Re: Invisible glitch

                      reporting them won't do any good, cuz i got full info bout there hacking programs, its has band protection where they can't get band

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                        38. Re: Invisible glitch

                        we need somebody that have enough skills to get rid of that program, its not fair for any 1 to face those hacking cowerds

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                          39. Re: Invisible glitch

                          Hi there, thanks for the reply =)


                          Well that's kind a odd then. I mean I thought that Playstation was very good protected, that's why I've always said that "if you don't wanna have any problems then get a console" but I guess I was wrong after all =(


                          Take care =)

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