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    G3AR Clan Xbox 360 only.

      G3AR is a clan that has been playing Halo for 4 years. The leader of this clan asked me to lead a sect of the clan into Black Ops 2. So here I am. In order to join you must message me, CrucifixDead.


      Requirements to join:


      K/D of 1.00

      Mic is not required, but preferred.

      Must be 13 years or older.

      Must have fun.



      Trickshotters are welcome, I myself can trickshot. If you have any recording equipment, I will be happy to have you.


      Apply at Call of Duty Elite, G3ARClan, or message me. If you want an invite to the clan, just let me know on the forums. A few things you need to know about my clan.


      My clan is not a money making clan, my clan looks for decent players, and wants players to have fun and win. No Trashtalking. Cussing is ok, but try to keep it at a minimum, if you do cuss, that will NOT get you out of the clan, I am too forgiving. Must be able to help with clan competitions and challenges on Call of Duty Elite.