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    How to play Better?

      Hello guys, I just got registered and this is my first post. So, My question is. How to play better while having a ping of 400+? I really love this game specially the graphics and the modes, Oh btw. I'm playing COD 4 MW1 - It's quite old but I used to it. And yeah, thats' all. How to play better while I'm having 400+ ping? Should I camp or something? If someone answer my question it would really appreciated


      If you have something that don't understand, feel free to ask it.
      Because I'm a filipino so, We just talk English sometimes when it's needed.!


      Thanks in advance!

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          Re: How to play Better?

          i dont know maybe camp i play with 200 sometimes 272 ping but its ok i dont camp i play in gdawg something like this in crossfire free for all i have a question where can i download the dlc ?i have original bought the game when it as new.

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