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    PS3 I need good players for Extinction

      Im looking for good players who play Extinction that actually know how to play and have a mic to communicate. Sick of jumping into random lobbies with those that think they know how to play or annoying kids who ruin it on the escape and dont do challenges. My stats speak for themselves 117 games played > SCORE 198430 Per Game, KILLS 249.35 Per Game, HIVES 12.36 Per Game, REVIVES 0.76 Per Game, DOWNED 1.49 Per Game, CHALLENGES 8.61 Per Game, ESCAPES 72, Platinum 48, Gold 16, Silver 2, Bronze 6. Overall my stats are better than most if not all my friends and i just want to add some good players that know how to play.

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          1. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

          Feel free to add me.  PSN:  DeadStar79


          First of all, please don't ever look at the "per game" or "average" scores.  These are all out of whack for anyone like myself that leaves games out of frustration due to n00bs.  As far as my stats go, I just completed my 320th game.  I'm sure my stats are crap because of that.  I used to leave games all the time if the team failed the first challenge.  Unfortunately, that was before I cared about any stats.  I hope no one checks that when looking at me as a teammate.  I've currently got a top 50 co-op score, over 100 escapes, 40,000 kills, I ALWAYS get a platinum escape other than when the n00bs screw it up for everyone (which is far too often).  There's no reason why every escape should not be a platinum.  I like to do high-score runs, but also enjoy taking all relics off and just trying to get more kills than every other player.  I'm usually up for anything.

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            2. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

            I Am a good player, though I don't have a mic but great help to my team, even though I finished only 4 games I have done it with relics, trust me I am not a bad player I will ALWAYS try and get my challenges done


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              3. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

              Id say im good PSN:KYR_GLITCHES (dont judge)

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                4. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                add me: YamilArias88, pls let me know in the message your from the forum ..

                I will be purchasing the new maps as well.



                Take Care

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                  5. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                  I never back out, A few times i joined someones lobby and they backed me out and screwed with my stats all because the first challenge wasnt completed and it was their fault we lost it. So what if you fail a challenge or 2 just complete the rest and they are all fairly easy if everyone helps. Thats why my average challenges per game is a 8.61. I will not play against those that dont have mics because i usually throw down the armor and if someone needs and you ask for it i throw it down. I run 3 relics usually and almost always escape. I never use Pistols only relic those people to me are greedy because they dont do weapon challenges and rely on everyone else to do them for them. And per game stats are important because it lets me know what type of player you are.

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                    6. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                    How can you call people who use pistols only relic greedy.


                    Why do you think they rely on others to do them? It is because their pistol only relic prevents then from buying any primary weapon so of course they can't do the challenge.


                    It is their choice if they want to use it to help boost their xp and climb to 10th prestige quicker and achieve a higher overall match score in Point of Contact.


                    If only 1 person is using pistols only relic there is nothing to stop the other three players from doing the weapons challenges.


                    If three people are running the only pistol relic then it is up to the game developers to program the game to not put any weapon challenges in that match as 1 person doing the weapon challenge sometimes isn't given enough time to get the full 25 kills within the hive process in a 4 man match. Sometimes you need as many as 2 or three people to do weapon challenges, especially when you get the sniper one.

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                      7. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                      You only really need one person doing the weapon challenges.  They are all doable with one person... except that sniper rifle one in the third area.  It can't be done.  The aliens are too tough at that point, and the sniper is too garbage.  It's always nice to have a second person to help out with the challenges, but certainly doable with one.  I've been the sole weapon challenge guy many times, and I never have a problem.  The shotgun in the first area sucks to do with one, but throw on explosive ammo, boosters, and drop a flare and it's not too bad.

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                        8. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                        Yeah, the only exception is the sniper one. A lot of the time I'm with randoms they are terribly slow at doing the challenge. That's why having two people do it helps so much.


                        I too also throw down quick reload booster and flares for teammates doing the weapon challenge if I currently don't have the correct gun for it. If no one has the gun then I usually buy one and attempt it.


                        I also tell my teammates over the mic to hold back while the person with the correct weapon completes the challenge. Once it's complete we all blast away.

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                          9. Re: PS3 I need good players for Extinction

                          For sure.  Everyone needs to back off and just protect the drill.  When I'm doing the challenges, I'll be up front getting all the kills, while a teammate or two just sit back at the drill and protect it from any alien that may make it past me.  The SMG and LMG challenges are so ridiculously easy to do with one person.  It pisses me off so much when it get failed.  I've been playing with the same team for a few days now, but one of them failed the SMG yesterday, so he's cut today.

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