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        Hmm, maybe I will give that a shot. Thanks!

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          And boom goes the dynamite! Great Post!!!

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            When trolls arrive, they should announce.....


            "Enemy Hind-in coming"

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                : at or near the back of something



                Definitely an accurate description then

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                  You must be one of the lucky ones, I've seen lots of final killcams of someone laid prone ADS'in at a door way.


                  Like I said, I have no problems with how people play, I am able to adapt.

                  My response was to you saying that all run n gunners are cry babies.


                  I think you will find that pretty much 99% of the community are cry babies!

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                    W_E_A_P_0_N_11 wrote:


                    what? calling players out for shottie tactics is "crying"?  bahahahaha ookay kid nice try

                    No, crying at people for playing to their strengths and doing much better than they would if they were running around like a headless chicken...


                    Older players play smart, and when they make the leap from sprinting blindly to tactical play, our stats go through the roof...


                    Kid? I have a tattoos and piercings older than you... Nice try at condescension though young man...

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                      this is just an excuse for playing bad and giving it a name. prime example is people who are fat, and are completely okay with it, and adjust their wardrobe to it


                      its cool if you are  a bad player, nobody is obligated to except your game play, and will call you out and make fun of you..


                      ps my tats are better

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                        Ok, I think everyone gets the impression that you are a CoD-god, could you take your superiority complex about a GAME somewhere else please? Thanks buddy,

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                          You sir are just another uneducated, big man in highschool teenager.  Who has to see a maturity level required for a common sense, common courtesy mentality. 


                          Your example of 'fat' people is a prime example of your feeble mindedness. 


                          I have yet to see any constructive input provided by yourself, instead just rambling on like a 'headless chicken' (refer to Outraageousoo's post).


                          What many people have failed to realize that this thread is meant to provide a different point of view from someone who may not be the most 'skilled' and plays differently from a lot of people.  I have been playing COD since the first one released (I am sure you were still in diapers then).  I have seen when what everyone calls 'camping' actually is a smart play...and frankly as I mentioned before, camping and hiding are different.  Camping is strategically holding down an area of a map.  Hiding...well, go look in a corner and you will see what I am talking about.  Do you think its smart for people to constantly run around?  You sound like someone who gets beaten by a 'camper' very frequently.  I have next to no problems beating a camper...its called adjusting my game style and actually enable some game smarts to beat them. 


                          This game, compared to others has many routes to many areas where people hold up at.  Well placed grenades, smoke grenades, distractions and lone behold...team work works amazingly well.  Try it sometime. 


                          But as many people already see, you are just another kid acting tough on the internet...making yourself look like a complete idiot. Again, providing no relative and no critiquing responses.  Instead using idiotic examples and 'making fun' of people.  Grow up please, even better, just go away.

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