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        Then do what I am doing and complain about the things that help rushers being too weak.

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          No, it's not because of the camping.  It's because it is not a good game.  There is little to no learning curve, it is BORING, and it lacks any innovation.  Not to mention that it looks maybe marginally better on the One than the 360.

          • 42. Re: Camping being Banned on Xbox?!?

            Funny how you have to reference my skill because that is the auto-robot mentality of the pro-quickscope defence force.


            It was quite evidently a huge problem in Black Ops 2 when the DSR was a better shotgun than half of the available shotguns and the fact all snipers had a built in Toughness perk so you'd get OHK'd despite their gun pointing towards the heavens. In Ghosts there are no real issues with it because low player health has solved things.

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              Quickscoping was an exploit of the aim assist mechanics and being able to literally kill someone without actually zooming in via the sniper rifle scope. Black Ops 1 had the correct sniper mechanics. It's quite sad that I even have to explain something so obvious.


              The reason it is still in the game now is because of the sniper Youtube dude bro community who go ballistic when their snipers get nerfed (Like the DSR RoF nerf in Black Ops 2 which did absolutely nothing)


              And using what is legal and what is not in the game as a means of justifying exploits is a terrible excuse.

              • 44. Re: Camping being Banned on Xbox?!?

                redx165 wrote:


                Nothing wrong with camping?
                No I think you need to leave. There's a reason why hardly anyone plays Ghost. It's because of these campers. No one will buy the Map Packs and Microsoft sees that so they have to enforce a rule to gain their money back from the 1 month deal.


                ~THE NOOB KILLER

                You really believe this don't you? That "camping" is the problem?

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                  There is no aim assist on snipers in ghost so now what's your excuse for why quick scoping is a exploit and not the fact you just need to get better and stop crying

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                    "You need to get better"


                    Do you dude bros ever come out with anything else? Possibly the most boring predictable drone comeback I have ever heard. I'm not complaining about QS in Ghosts but in past games like Black Ops 2 it was and still is an exploit and if you noticed I used past tense, so I wasn't directly referencing Ghosts. But by all means drone away.

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                      so let me get this straight your on a thread about camping being banned in ghost complaint about QSing in blops 2 and then call people dude bros? I did not know in bred people had access to the internet.

                      • 48. Re: Camping being Banned on Xbox?!?

                        I'm talking about quickscoping in general being an exploit just like spawn killing.


                        By the way 'inbred' is one word and not 2. If you aren't intelligent enough to use an insult correctly then I wouldn't go and embarrass yourself

                        • 49. Re: Camping being Banned on Xbox?!?

                          Quickscoping was never a "problem" to decent people, but only a small annoyance that happened every now and then. Generally, the people who complain about quickscoping are the ones who just suck at the game.

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