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    BF4 and COD gaming discussions




      Ever since TU 01/28/2014 Ghost has been giving me errors (connection, friends list, skipping, etc) and I downloaded Battlefield 4 to try another game ( I had played 1943 and liked it).


      Well to be very honest the game is fun, I say that not bashing Ghost ( I find Ghost fun when its working) but the differences between the two are what makes it fun.


      BF4 offers very large maps, various gun attachments and set ups and vehicles (which are hard to use) now when I compare the two I find that they both provide me with my necessary indulgence in amusement.


      1- Variety in almost everything

      2- Building destruction / vehicles

      3- very large groups of players making for fun large battles

      4- Less "child" like rewards (ribbons, unlocks, etc).



      1- Hiding is more prevalent because of the size of the maps

      2- Takes many bullets to kill


      Ghost offers speed and better (detail) in graphics it does. It is significantly smaller than BF and is really focused on gun fights.


      Generally both games are great, but lately BF4 has been (because of the Ghost issues) my game to play, and as a noob I am taking a beating as all NoObs should when new to a game.


      Your opinions?

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          They are two completely different animals. I enjoyed BF3, not buying BF4 because I have little time to play any more.


          I always say, play what you enjoy.

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            I didn't like Battlefield 3 because I rarely found myself winning. I don't recall ever winning a match honestly. I played solo and kept finding myself on a server dedicated to an entire clan or so. There are still kids that whine.


            What I found incredibly interesting, so much so I almost did my research paper on it in college, was that all the kids that whined and complained about all the faults of CoD went to BF and started making stupid rules and threatening to kick anyone who violated them.


            What happened in BF?


            People didn't follow these rules and I found the same complaints on the DICE forums. These kids throw huge hissy fits in the lobby complaining about "this camping #$%^ and "that [insert valid tactic here]". It was quite hilarious to see all the irrational children giving their two cents on how to properly fight a war.


            I was amazed at how many of these same people who left CoD of BF came back to Call of Duty after they couldn't find what they wanted with DICE and EA. I went to the forum simply to survey the attitudes and it was the same ole' ******** and complaining that we see here. Only BF has all the whiners who left CoD so they were more than willing to share their expertise on how to properly play a video game.

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                I didnt like it either but I am enjoying this current one,


                Crying, whining, complaining has no boundaries and is in every game, EVERY GAME I play tekken and people complain if you grab them.


                Like COD, BF has a learning curve and it takes playing to get use to it.

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                    Msg me next time you play. Teamwork is much more useful in bf than in cod. A good 4 man squad can control the game, particularly in the modes with vehicles. The mode "rush" has been my favorite, I like conquest but I feel its a little too vehicle heavy. Rush has a great mix of everything. If you want to snipe for a minute then switch to a pdw and get in the face of your opponent, this mode is perfect.

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                  Basically Battlefield plays better when it comes to network stability and an even playing field. While Call of Duty players better when it comes to more gun fights, smoother gameplay, and smoother controls. If the games combined it would be the perfect FPS because it would play better in all aspects.

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                    Fun factor..

                    If you play with friends -

                    BF takes it by a long shot. I've been playing BF on PC since launch and I still don't think we've done everything you could do (if you count all the trolling or funny things). Cod is the same exact thing over and over.

                    If you're into lone-wolfing -

                    COD is slightly more fun, you just miss a ton in BF when you play solo. But in Cod you still never have those 'HOLY SH*T' or 'LOL' moments like you do in BF, so it's almost a tie. 

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                      I've tried BF3 but for some reason I don't like the multiplayer. Can't get the hang of it.

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                        I bought both of the games on my ps4 and have played both. I have played a lot more ghosts than bf. Just because i cannot play more than 2 games in a row in bf and get frustrated because no one, i mean literally, no one talks on mic and when you have HUGE maps and have no idea what you are doing, you die alot.


                        To be honest, this is the first time I am playing bf. it is quite good. Once in all of the games i have played in bf i found two people chatting in game, and I liked it. It was really awesome playing as a strategy and taking out the objective. But again, i dont think bf is a solo player game, you need a good team and strategy . Thats why, i try to play bf, but after 2 games i switch the disc and go back to ghosts...


                        If any of you guys play bf on ps4, let me know we can play together and can both enjoy!

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                          I prefer to go for Battlefield 4.This is the most anticipated and one of the awesome games of last year.With each series there is something very new and unique.The best enhancement I have noticed in this version is VOIP communication.

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                            Battlefield4 for the win. They at least appear to have made efforts to use the PS4s power. Ghosts decided to use the power for camos.

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                              For me it is COD every time simply because I don't have as much time in any one go to commit to a full battle(young kids can wake up or get restless at the drop off a hat)so I love the fact that I can just jump straight in to a quick COD battle and it will be over in ten minutes.

                              Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer, now that was a quality experience and I enjoyed BF 1943 and BF3 multiplayer but usually got owned.

                              Two very different games but both of equal merit. Sorry to hear that you have been driven away by connection problems that sucks, hope you come back into the fold soon

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                                battlefield 4 is more fast paced then cod ghost and it suits my run and gun style and both games have dlc the same price and it seems more value for money on battlefield 4

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                                  I really enjoyed BF3. I have BF2 also, and played heck adapting to it. Not sure that I ever really did.


                                  The down side to BF is the up side to COD. After all the time I've spent in the two games, I feel confident in saying that many of the wishes for dedicated servers in COD was to duplicate the rented server concept in BF. For certain that would turn me away from COD.


                                  The tanks, the choppers, even the planes once I got accustomed to using them, are loads of fun. But you have to fight to get the aircraft which is always a drag. In general, the tanks are one-man operations, but if you're up against a good team, you need a full crew in your tank.


                                  Anyway, G is right - all the complaints people have about cheap tactics / weapons / etc all exist over at BF. Times ten, really. Rent a server, make up your own rules, then violate your own rules and kick everyone else that also violates them.


                                  One thing about stats, though, LOL, if stats are meaningless here they are outright bogus over at BF.

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                                      I can honestly say I have never looked at my stats in BF4.

                                      Not once.

                                      That's why I love the game, my KD isn't displayed on every screen I look at so I forget that I even have one.


                                      One awesome thing about BF4 from my perspective is that anything goes in BF4, I don't care if someone camps, spawn traps (near impossible unless with jets) or does whatever because it is such a large game that it is expected and doesn't really affect how I play the rest of the game.

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                                      Good topic Iz.


                                      My 2 cents worth on the comparison.

                                      I have found myself playing more and more BF4 instead of Ghosts for a few reasons, the primary one being I just find it more fun!

                                      This is in complete contrast to BF3 vs BO2 where I barely played BF over COD.

                                      I think one big reason people have so much fun in BF4 is that it isn't ultra competitive like Ghosts is.

                                      Big reason for that IMO is that your KD and WL isn't easily accessible and constantly shown, therefore people don't compare constantly. Second is there are no lobby systems to party up in, you have your squads for VIOP and Party Chat in PS4 but other than that no clans or teams trolling.


                                      Sniping is very rewarding once you get used to it as instead of just point-n-shoot you have to account for bulletdrop, lead, suppression etc all in a very small space in time. When you hit that 700m headshot its an awesome feeling as you know you deserve that shot. You earned it.


                                      -Vehicle make a nice change as you can just jump in and cruise around, you don't even have to partake in gun fights if you don't want to.

                                      -Giving squad orders and following them result in XP rewards for the whole squad.

                                      -Unlocking attachments and weapons etc: Ghosts' system allows you to unlock anything at anytime, thus removing half the fun of the experience of earning things.

                                      - Battlepacks: Allow you to unlock items from achieving accomplishments. Rewarding experience especially if you get Boosts.

                                      Using boosts is awesome fun for leveling up not just your rank, but you vehicles.


                                      Overall I guess Ghosts seems to be too serious now, BF4 has the lighthearted feel by allowing you to have fun adn play around without having your level punished. Yes, you won't rank up as fast but its not like Ghosts where your KD will plummet (which is still the main focal point of Ghosts).

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                                        BF4 is like a mans games but ghosts as gone downhill and its full of kids and all they do is camp or run around with silencer on there gun its so boring , and its the last COD game I will buy , I uses to like COD nut no more

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                                          I bought BF3 two weeks ago at Gamestop for 7 bucks. Money well spent. Battlefield and COD, two different experiences. I wont even compare the two franchises. I am starting to enjoy BF3, but I still play Ghost. Cant tell you much about BF4 because I havent played it, when it comes down to 20 bucks, then I shall.

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                                            I would recommend BF4 to anyone, its a very good game.

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                                              Yeah man, I had this issue after the BO2 transition where I was good at the start, then once everyone realised you had to play smart I didn't adapt soon enough and I was going terrible.

                                              Really hated that and wasn't "fun", but after a break and alot of BF4 time I came back and played COD more strategically and found the fun in winning instead.

                                              Really love that aspect of BF4, total freedom to play how you want with no one playstyle OP or forced on you - (plus no over-competitiveness) just fun fun fun !  

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                                                  Rexens_View wrote:



                                                  Really love that aspect of BF4, total freedom to play how you want with no one playstyle OP or forced on you - (plus no over-competitiveness) just fun fun fun ! 

                                                  this sentence defines how I feel about BF4 right now, freedom in all aspects, and its great.