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    Looking For A Clan to JOIN or CREATE (360)

      Here's some info/stats:


      Gamertag: noV Solaris

      Real Name: Steve

      Prestige: 4

      K/D: 1.2

      Age: 16


      My requirements for a clan are as follows:


      • Attractive, socially interactive website
      • Friendly members
      • Mature members (Not too young, not too old. 13 to 35 years of age would be my min-max range)
      • Ranking system
      • Competitive team
      • Casual players


      If you're just starting out and would like to MAKE a clan that meets my requirements, then I would be more than happy to help you make such a community.


      If I can see that you post a copy and paste response here, then I will not consider your clan.

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          Re: Looking For A Clan (360)

          hi arcticAzazel

          we are a level 13 clan looking for new clan members we have players over both xbox one and xbox 360.
          we have no criteria that you have to meet all we ask is you to have a mic and play a hard game. if you would like to join the clan either on xbox one or 360 send me a message and ill be sure to invite you or send application via app

          gamer tag Phoenix Storm11

          speak to some of you soon

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            Re: Looking For A Clan (360)

            Keeping options open

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              Re: Looking For A Clan to JOIN or CREATE (360)

              Hey man, you are welcome to join my clan if you are still looking. We are not super serious (don't have a website like you are looking for) but usually have a full squad rolling every night. We just started but we are already have 10 members and are level 7. We were previously in the platinum division but broke away from out old clan because we were the only ones that ever signed on. Our average age is 28 or so. Anyways, add me on 360 if you are interested. EYKwingnut

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                Re: Looking For A Clan to JOIN or CREATE (360)

                I could use a leader for my 360 branch Dirty Mutha F join us

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                    Re: Looking For A Clan to JOIN or CREATE (360)

                    Hello sir! If your not taken yet, we'd be happy to take you! So we just started 2 weeks ago, and we have 16 members and is level 12. Were currently (and always) recruiting, I have a good feeling about you, plus your KD is high enough, and if your active enough, ill let you be a lieutentant commander. We have members from all different ages, (lucky for you, our min is 13) but you don't even need to hang out with them, so its cool. Our recuirement to join is cranked up to a .9, and our least KD in our clan is a .5 that's only 1 person because he is our best players friend. Right now we don't have a website, but we got a guy trying to work on a youtube and ill ask for a website. If your interrested lemme know, my gamertag is Fame Tropiic, I wont be on until fri or sat so just send a message to ghostfli. (He sounds young, but he's not.) Once you get recruited just hang out with bahoneybadger, id tell him to recruit u but I forgot the numbers at the end of his name. He's around your age. Reply if your interrested, thanks!

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