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    TitanFall footage: Impressions

      Wanted to share this footage I ran into on titafall looks very promising, the size of these maps are / huge and the look seems far to similar to COD


      Note: The guy commenting is one opinion but atleast hes using COD (not sure why) as a comparison.


      Your thoughts?

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          1. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

          OHK kick...really?


          And people complained about knifing being a OHK.

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            2. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

            Maybe they have a "Boot Knife" attachment??? lol

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              3. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

              I played the Alpha. The controls are very cod like. It actually feels like a cod game in that aspect unlike other fps games (think Killzone). I'm not usually much for spacey otherworld type games but I'm buying this one and giving Respawn a shot.

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                4. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                zvers wrote:


                Maybe they have a "Boot Knife" attachment??? lol

                That's still pretty stupid lol. I can't believe this. I can see the complaints now "Nerf the Spartan kick"

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                  5. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                  True. Plus the inviso seems too good for the size of these maps. Very Halo'ish.

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                    6. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                    Yeah, he didn't even see that guy moving until he happened to fall behind him. I can see a camping issue where people are just chilling next to a DOM point with that and picking off players who can't see. This game seems to have very powerful "perk" like elements.


                    If you start adding extras like that you take away from gun v gun and you end up with abuse. Think back to Commando Pro and the crazy knifing distance you got out of it. Danger Close and the massively powerful bast radius that accompanied. These types of elements are abused because of their strength and they don't require skill to use or avoid.

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                      7. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                      Right on. Maybe there's a "perk" that renders inviso users to be visible....I hope they balanced it out.


                      Yeah, danger close was very cheap. Loved that with scavenger, tube and claymores but it was VERY OP.

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                        8. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                        I saw that you will get a titan automatically every few minutes.  No need to do anything.  They don't seem concerned that that is just going to create a giant mess.  I loved COD4 and MW2, but I'm going to skip this.  Hopefully, all the bandwagon kids will go to Titanfall and we can get back to really playing COD.


                        By the way, did anybody sign up for the Warface beta?   I did, but I really don't know anything about the game.

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                          9. Re: TitanFall footage: Impressions

                          It looks cool, bit too hectic for me, the Titans just blow everything away, but it looks great and will play the same I'm sure, at least it's something different.


                          I play PS4 so will not be playing, will hold out for Destiny

                          Last Edited: Feb 13, 2014 12:23 PM
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