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    Tired of wasting my money on Activision

      I already know my stuff will be removed, but the "name and shame" policy that is not allowed, wouldn't even be an issue if the game was cleaned up a bit, but since i've already lost my money on the game and the DLC. I feel I have the right to vent my 110 dollars that I will never get back.  If the moderators want to ban people on here for speaking their mind, then I do believe its time to stop feeding the money train of Activision, and stop supporting such a terrible customer support system.  The amount of money made from this game and its DLC's should be more than enough ambition to actually give the consumers a playable product, not some crap that's unplayable because of hackers and modders.  The servers are constantly disconnecting in the middle of games, once in a while is acceptable, but it really gets old after about 10 games played and 3 or 4 of them consistently drop connection.  Come on Activision please step and at least try to appeal to the legitimate players of all skill levels.  I personally like the game itself, but the online play is unreal with the amount of  issues, that have been here since day one and are not improving.

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          Re: Tired of wasting my money on Activision

          I'm with you on the connection issues. I have rock solid internet, and I see a "Lost Connection to Host" or "Server Disconnected" literally 1 out of every 4 games. It almost always happens half way through the game. The first half of the game will be fine, then you get stuck running in place shooting blanks until the server times out. I have had the game since launch, and it is at it's absolute worst the last few weeks. It may be the extremely low number of players causing bad hosts, regardless I'm done until I here better things from people still playing.

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            Re: Tired of wasting my money on Activision

            Our forum policies regarding naming-and-shaming are intended to prevent reports from the following, but not limited to, events.

            • Not being processed as the forum is not the primary reporting tool.
            • Being filed without context and proof.
            • Being used as a gateway to harass other users. (E.g. Going on a "Witch Hunt.")


            These forum policies were established a number of titles ago and will continue to stand. We also advise people to not name-and-shame. We only escalate any action on how that user reacts. Profanity, insults, hostility and repeated failure to comply will not be tolerated. It is only in the most extreme of cases that we act immediately with any form of suspension.


            The rest of your feedback I can not comment on as I am not a developer. I am a moderator of the forum. The policies were crafted and adopted with the best intentions. Remember to report in-game and through the first party of your platform if you encounter anyone who violates the Ghosts Online Code of Conduct.


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