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        You don't deserve a K/D... you earn it.

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          True dat and I have and I'm gonna make it positive in no time as how rapidly each k/d level I'm going up

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            what is you k/d.

            your scores mentioned sound like mine. and my k/d is 1.3

            if anything i have noticed even when i have a bad gaming day. my k/d is still at 1.3 and never goes up or down.

            its been 1.3 since the first week i got the game

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              kettle84 wrote:


              it means nothing. im a 1.3k/d

              most people higher than that are normally hackers and the rest of the stats dont even add up.

              and im normally always in top 3. but sometimes i get my ass kicked by 0.8k/d


              unless ur a camper with you back to the wall how can you get a high k/d,

              fact is you cant unless ur camping or hacking.


              I've noticed that, most of the time, people make that same claim regardless of their personal kdr. 0.5 guys say everyone with a higher kdr is hacking; 1.0 guys say everyone with a higher kdr is hacking - hell, even 3.0 guys say that anyone with a higher kdr than that is hacking.


              It's kinda like the Texans claiming that Seahawks are hackers. Or campers.

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                not really i have a whole friends list full of 2.0+ kd players that are legit and rush harder then elpressador but arent nearly as retarded. hosnestly most people who have 2.0+ dont camp they spawntrap(not to be confused with spawnkilling). but i do agree that players with 1.0-1.3 do normally top charts on objective gamemodes because they are less worried about thei kd and more about the win.

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