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        30. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

        Excellent post. God this is disgusting. I would rather they not offer the extra slots at all if they are going to charge for them. This is one step towards pay to win. Black ops 2 was fine since everyone had 10 cac slots in a match no matter what. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm done buying season passes if this is the kind of behavior I'm going to expect from COD franchises.

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          31. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

          I have no problem with vanity items, if people want to pay for them so be it. But this is a new level of pathetic for Activision. 6 slots was noticeable for me right away, and tbh I have never really adjusted to it, it just sucks. They make up this story that there are actually 60 CAC slots and while that is technically true, nobody goes back to their 2nd prestige character to use those classes, and even if they do, they still only have 6 slots available at one time. Now they are charging for what used to be the standard 10. Will they listen to the uproar about this and make them free? Given their track record, nope. Pathetic.

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            32. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

            come on seriously...


            The only thing I will concede is that not having the extra slots is not as much of a hindrance once you are 10th prestige and can switch through all characters without sacrificing the xp you gain.


            But other than that, your point is actually ridiculous, because the fact of the matter is activision coded in an arbitrary number "durrrr 6" with the knowledge that they would up this to 10 for a "small and easy price of 1.99."


            Your money point is obvious, and I am agreeing that to not purchase this is equally stupid if you care about doing well in this game.  But activision could have said "durrrr 10" to begin with since it is a completely arbitrary decision on their part in hindsight to say 6 classes actually meant something, considering that they think allowing 10 is not game breaking.  This is something that required no effort on their part (it's not a weapon they need to balance) to make it the exact same number for free.  They would have spent a total of .3 seconds typing the second digit 1-0 instead of 6, and prevented people from having to buy them.


            At first having the 10 chars with 6 classes each seemed like a "balancing" decision, now its clearly a "money" decision.


            They are shameless at this point, this game is predicated on "game balance" and this decision is the furthest they have ever made on that front.  Classes Upgrades in BLOPS2 were the equivalent of extra squad members to this game, This upgrade is like having 2 squad members to choose from in a single match.  This is clearly a joke, maybe its an april fools day joke.


            Anyone who cares about optimal performance in this game could obviously find a situation where more than 6 classes in a single match would have helped.  Here is just an example of how your classes could be set up based on necessity.


            Class 1 -  initial capping class.  Marathon/agility/incog/blast shield smoke grenade etc.

            Class 2 - defend B class - lets call this the "normal" class - assault streaks like SATcom/dog/sentry or trinity

            Class 3 - Defend B class - support streaks BV squad member Oracle

            Class 4 - blind eye class with Maaws or air superiority

            Class 5 - Riot Shield/c4 class (the anti riot shield/c4 slot)

            Class 6 - Mid game cap class - smg/AR class


            This is without providing you with any variance based on enjoyment, like 2 similar classes with different guns. 


            And, the pregame lobby timer is not long enough for you to change 3-4-5 loadouts to cater to whatever map just got voted.


            Quite simply, this is beyond a joke and they should have just made they game 62$ at gamestop and added the classes from the get go if they planned this garbage all along.


            I know you aren't exactly ardently defending activision here, the point isn't even about you,  if it weren't you someone else would have said the same thing soon enough, it's just about how ridiculous they are.

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              33. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

              It is why I never bought teh season pass for the game and will not. And with this new change, will not be buying any more dlc no matter what is in it. My money will go to Bungie and Destiny, not IW or 3arc and CoD anymore. This is my last CoD game for me. When destiny comes out will be trading in all currently owned CoDs for credit toward it, including this one. I barely play ghosts as it is anymore. Been playing the free gold game Dead Island instead.


              This game is slowly being changed to a pay to win system. I would not be surprised if the next CoD actually has less weapons than normal and forces players to buy weapons to have more than the few they will give you at launch. 4 or less per class.. then after first dlc you can buy more...with the dlc weapons being better than the normal weapons.

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                34. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                They just make some micro DLC's like these that take really no time at all from them so they can charge few extra bucks. But I'm not going to buy them of course.

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                  35. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                  Ditto to all.

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                    36. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                    I felt bad giving my bro a ration of hell for buying the season pass not only for himself, but for me as well. This is news to me that the are now selling extra slots, but it really tells the future of the game.


                    Pay to win. Oh, and whine to win.


                    The next TA title?

                    Call of Duty: Buy Ops


                    Next IW title?

                    Call of Duty: Whiners of Glory


                    Sledgehammers first one?

                    Call of Duty: Pac Man


                    New ATVI motto?

                    "We'll make a winner out of you, one nerf/nuff at a time, baby!"

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                      37. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                      10 classes is handy to have some leeway in earning camos and may be have some anti-streak classes and a class or two for funsies when you're in a soft lobby.  In BO2 my fun class was using the Crossbow.  I don't have that much leeway here and it's always nice to save frequent editing too.  That's why the 3arc version was cool if you played a lot of game modes including moshpit.

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                        38. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                        The best thing to do is don't buy anything from them and when the next cod comes out, just wait a few days and buy it pre owned this means they don't see a penny from you. That's what I'll be doing every year from now on after the lies they feed us to sell games.

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                          39. Re: Extra Slot Costs Money??!! Really!!

                          Sure its a pittance to pay, and tbh I never used all 10 and am more than happy with the 6 I have, but I am in full agreement with the OP and everyone else who is outraged by this. Removing what has been standard in CoD since god knows when (10 CaC slots) and then charging people to have it again is a serious SERIOUS **** move.


                          Honestly, whoevers bright idea it was to charge for this and not simply add it in should either be fired or moved onto tea trolley duty to minimise any chance of them causing more damage. I didn't object to BO2's offering as it offered more on top of what was standard, and even gave us a SHEDLOAD more theatre slots to boot. This though? Pretty damn shameless. I really dont know what they were thinking making this a paid download, peanuts or otherwise. I strongly urge EVERYONE to refrain from purchasing it, even if you do want 10 CaC slots. There is a dangerous precedent being set here, one that we not just as a community but as consumers should abhor. When the biggest, self admitted CoD fanboi I know is spitting with fury about this, you know the principle behind the move is rotten to the core. Solidarity people, solidarity. This is the one time I will genuinely direct the accusation of 'rip-off merchants' at Acti...

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