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    Time Spent In Game

      Is there any way to find out how much time one has spent playing Zombies? Like how other games provide. I know It's gotta be astronomical lol.

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          If you link your account to this site it will show over all time spent.

          If you after time spent in a single game then have a look at recent game videos, time you started the game and take a note on the time you finished then do the math, it only records for about 200 minutes.

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            I Don't think that the player channel accounts for the entire time in game for what ever reason. I've played games for 8 hours solid, and it only logged about 180 min. Timer stop when only one z left on round?

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              Oh my... I was curios to see mine since I really haven't been playing too much lately.  Totaled 49986 minutes which is equal to approx. 35 days.  HAHAHAHAHAHA, maybe I like this game a little??