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    Want to join probably the best clan out there (lethal gaming)

      Xbox 360 and xbox one

      Not many spaces left do you want to be part of the 64x winners of call of duty elite?

      Winners of platinum 5 times in a row

      Apply to join lethal gaming well know clan all over the place

      last clan war we reached 1030 capture points and stopped playing with 2 days to go because it was won



      win percentage 89 percent

      players with k/d of 6.2

      own sponsor

      own you tube

      own twitch

      own website and twitter

      dont message me message them on twitter or apply via app

      if you want to pub stomp this is the clan for you.


      los angeles  1st  place

      oahu 1st place

      caracas 1st place

      London 1st place

      rio 1st place

      Antartica 1st place


      apply on one of the links twitter  easier or the app

      take a look at there website http://www.lethalxgaming.com/



      search lethal gaming 1 on the app