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    Marksman Rifles and Sniper Rifles in Cod????

      After watching titanfall vids and playing battlefield, and also thinking about what FoxHoundPro said about marksmen rifles, I began wondering why marksman rifles aren't like the main sniper rifles now,


      Based off of what I have seen,experienced, and read I think snipers should be like:

      Bolt Action: I believe marksman rifles should take over and there shouldn't be any semi automatic snipers, but as for bolt action I think there should only be 2 of them (standard without counting dlc),


      1 sniper that is basically faster overall, but starts off with 1 multiplier head only, with every kill you get with this sniper you get an additional multiplier  1st kill: head to upper chest 2nd kill: head to lower chest 3rd kill: head to waist  4th kill: head to upper thigh 5th kill: head to knee 6th kill: all body


      The other bolt action would be more damaging but slower overall like the dsr compared to the ballista

      damage multipliers are: 1st kill: head to chest 2nd kill: head to waist 3rd kill: head to knee  no other multipliers 

      With bolt action snipers like this quickscoping wouldn't be as effective(as long as they make quickdraw an attachment that isn't available for sniper rifles


      DMRs: Now for DMRs the slow firing ones should be one shot to the head  and two to the body, and for the fast firing ones they should be 2 to the  head and 4 to body