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    Rescue kills

      Hey guys, I'm stuck on rescue kills (aren't a lot of people?)
      I currently trying to get the MK14 EBR Marksman rifle gold, I have no clue how I got 6 already. I need 4 more


      I have a gold USR and Remington, but I still don't know how I got rescue kills. 


      Can someone give me tips because I play by myself? I use support (Ballistic, Riot Mate and Recon Jug)

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          I've been where you are...it's very trying and daunting when going for those. the ones you already have are probably from not trying to get them. That's a good method (let them come naturally). If you really want to go for them I recommend either of the following...


          1.) Use the Support Squad-mate and follow him around and wait for the enemy to engage him, then kill the enemy. Remember to stay kind of out of sight so the enemy doesn't say "screw it" and start attacking you.


          2.) Throw down a Support Jugg and let a team mate grab it and try the same method as listed above.


          These methods are what has worked for me and I have all but 2 assault rifles gold, the Vector SMG gold, and 1 shotgun gold.


          Hope this helps...Happy Gaming

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            basically you need to follow one of your teammates around or stay within sight of one so when he starts getting shot at, you can then shoot the guy that was shooting at him.  also, play core as rescue kills in hardcore are next to impossible.

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              Find a headless chicken in your team and cover him. Play normally and keep your main goal to keep the headless chicken alive. You will finish in one go lol.


              Works for me

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                if you have a friend then let him play with the riot shield if a enemy is shooting on the shield then you must kill him and you get a rescue kill

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                  Always play on core for it (you can get them on Hardcore but it's ridiculous by comparison), then have team mates who run blast shield... I've never really had a problem with earning them as I get them well before I ever earned lean kills... I rush and have almost zero patience to sit in one spot leaning out. The major issue I see with rescue kills is in slow firing guns, something like a sniper rifle would be a nightmare. Just keep at it and you'll get them easily enough, it's only usually 20 rescue kills isn't it?

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                    I Got all my AR's and SMG's gold when it was still 20 rescue kills. 10 is a breeze. I play hardcore but I gotta move to core for rescue. Run support Streak. Run squadmate, jug recon

                    " let fellow teammate get it" and run Odin also. Right when you get your Odin up call in your jug from your Odin, and once he gets on the ground, exit the Odin " hold square". Call in your squadmate and throw your jug recon out so a mate can get it. Go to a busy part of map. I play dom so it's always at B flag. And let the good times roll. I'm successful in getting about 4 a match. Hope this helps !!