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    FoV 80 & Update 2/14/14

      Okay (FoV) there's an 80 option, but where's the 90 everyone wants?


      The last 'patch' introduced an 'Input Lag' bug and an (exclamation) into every Soldier that you cannot clear off.


      Everyone use to the FoV Changers wants their 90 FoV, not 65, 70, 75 or 80...90!!! I/We can live with a left-arm cut-off artifact until it's fixed.


      Worst part of the half-baked update is the Input Lag that I and many have experienced which needs to be corrected like right now.


      However, trying to find a 'clean' lobby ... well forget it. Hacks are getting worst and not better. Every single game I was in this morning not only Wallers but Knife-Bots and Auto-Fire tards who clearly aren't getting banned. Frankly, I've had it!


      IW try playing your own game on the PC for few games and LMAO for a few hours and maybe then you'll finally 'get it' and realize just how broken the game truly is and maybe do something to remedy it!


      -- update --


      I had new issues after using the built-in 80 FoV compared to MapMod's 90 FoV. It took an easy hour in Private Matches for me to adjust my graphic settings to work mostly right.


      Here's my updated tweaks (in Red are the old settings) - http://i.imgur.com/UIqnjak.jpg


      I would strongly recommend running an app like FRAPS to see the FPS and then choose a map like Octane with 8 bots. Then make changes to your Advanced Video Settings as needed to keep the frame rates as constant as possible. In my case I want to peg the Max FPS allowed (90-91). FYI my rig: i7-3930K, 2-WAY GTX 770's, 32GB RAM, 2560x1440.


      People often mistakenly, not always obviously, Lag Comp with Lag from Input & Frame Stuttering. If you're laggy in a Private Match then it will only be augmented in a Public Match with Lag Comp issues.