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    looking for new blood \m/


      Playin on PS3 as guitarist (hard occasionally expert) and drummer (medium VERY rarely hard), looking for other band members to play online with, gimme a shout at spectrum1994@yahoo.com OR message my PS3 tag HellBoundLycan




      I own the following GH/RB games:


      GH: Warriors of Rock
      GH: 5

      GH: Metallica

      RB: The Beetles

      RB: 2



      I hope to get the others over time. i have the full set so whatever is needed i have no problem playing, fair warning i haven't had the chance to use mic on metallica, dunno how good it is on there. Rock on brothers and sisters.



      (On a side note i'm also looking for DeadSpace 3/ GTA 5 and Black Ops 2 players to enjoy some carnage on the side.)