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        140. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

        Well, I hope I haven't gotten a response because people are trying this right now!

        I'm away, and can't for a few hours... But, would be an interesting thing to know if you could do the Tranzit EE(s) solo.

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          141. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

          Jimmy's tweet from a while ago still bugs me... "Its about points, or whatever you call them, wait the appropriate amount of time, then continue to work"


          I initially thought, oh, microsoft points buy dlc that we have to wait for and do theyre easter eggs. But we did those easter eggs, and nothing changed on tranzit. Then I thought, maybe he means tallies are points, waiting until the next day to get another tally, and then getting blue eyes and continuing to work?


          That is one cryptic tweet if it could mean both of those.

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            142. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

            A pal of mine from here saved a clip for me in his theater of him getting an orb. Grrr!! Being away from my box now, I can't recall if he had 2 or 3 tallies at the time he saw it. But, he definitely didn't have blue eyes.

            That, and along with others here saying so, means that having blue eyes are not relevant in regards to seeing orbs.


            Not to say I don't believe they mean something. Otherwise, they're pretty much... well... dumb. And useless.

            I'm really hoping they point to a solo endeavor, THE endeavor that make the navcard(s) and the tables useful.


            In my previous post, page 14, about getting Rich's quote, and if I did or didn't (cuz I don't know for sure).

            I definitely had blue eyes.

            So, to wage war with theorizing--- maybe blue eyes enables solo EE's?

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              143. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

              It may seem stupid but....what if points in tweet really are points in game? From what I read in  these forums moon was ripped way to easy and 3arc vowed to make it more difficult well wait appropriate amount of time...players max out at a million and the max you can have in bank is 250k a piece (million)...with all the #4 references I truly think million has something to do w something perhaps even paying busdriver in exact change. Alot of random thoughts....

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                144. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                that tweet could mean anything. i know people have had a million points before, and i doubt all 4 players having that many points would do anything. i have seen orbs in the first few rounds at the mystery box before so i dont think the orbs and points have any relation.


                i do see maybe giving them to the bus driver as a possibility but with increments of 10 the possibilities are pretty much endless.

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                  145. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                  so there are 3 quotes from maxis that we have yet to hear in game. you can find them at 14 mins here Tranzit Zombies Secrets: ALL Maxis Audio Quotes with FULL Analysis - Secrets Revealed! - YouTube i dont understand why there is only maxis quotes that we have yet to trigger and none from richtofen. one of maxis quotes seems like it would be triggered by being in a specific location, not sure where. i could be wrong but i thought that we have heard the first quote at 14 mins before.


                  anyways i went to mr troll himself jimmys twitter page and he has a link in his profile to the wiki page for decomposition. probably nothing but still strange. i went through his tweets and most of the stuff he talks about that is zombie related are people not getting or getting the shotgun rank. nothing about tranzit so i asked him " just a yes or no will work, are we missing something on tranzit? seems like part got scrapped due to time...???" i post if he replies doubt it but hey worth a shot.

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                    146. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                    Those quotes are all very interesting. The cargo one gives me reason to believe those train cars are there for a reason. I believe no one has ever reached the top of the train, so I'm not sure how we could "load the cargo aboard" unless we get on top.


                    The one about "a lovely place and we will come back" to gives me even more hope that there is an undiscovered area. The only lovely place i could imagine is if there is an area beyond the highway that has a special room that he would say to return there,But I dont know what kind of place we would have to return to. I figure that quote couldve been scrapped and was originally meant for when you go to the pylon. Returning there with the navcard.

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                      147. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                      Just like the creator of this conversation, I watched a youtube video that gave me new hope. I watched an old tranzit theory video that shows coding for tranzit. It says things like press this to open the bus door, press this to close it. But 2 codes really stuck out to me, activate this to open bunker, and activate this to start the bus. It seems the codes indicate another bus and possibly a bunker we havent found. Heres the link.



                      Black Ops 2: Nav Card Accepted and Start Bus Coding Found!! - YouTube

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                        148. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                        yeah i remember when this video dropped. it was very interesting. i remember trying to overheat the **** out of the bus with the jetgun. couldnt get anything to pop up. and then the emergency exit text had us messing with every broke down vehicle on the map trying **** with the EMPs and jetgun and got nothing.


                        the more **** i watch on youtube and more testing i do on tranzit just leads me to believe that something got scrapped somewhere and they said **** it and just left the other **** in there cause their lazy. i feel at this point 3arch has jacked this game up so bad that we will never know the truth. it would be beyound embarrissing if what really happened came out.


                        i hope im wrong, but after multiple topics peaking my interest again again only to come up empty, i keep getting lead to this conclusion. good luck guys.

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                          149. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                          Hey guys sorry for the extended absence.  I've been testing most of what has been suggested so far, with and with out the blue eyes which, time wise, is more frustrating than you can imagine.  I have noticed a few things that I ask the rest of you to pay attention to though.


                          1.) I spend a lot of time in game hitting the box at different locations, writing down the weapon and location if I get an orb.  I usually do this, and have yet to find a pattern. While messing around with randoms, in One game, I received four orbs in the Depot box.  I was playing as Samuel, and every orb was on the Type 25.  Different locations had different guns with the orb, but at the Depot as Samuel it was a Type 25 every time.  Every single time after picking up the Type 25 he said something like, "now its time to sweep the streets" or "its street sweeping time". This was attempted with blue eyes just fyi, not sure if that has anything to do with it, and the orbs came at different rounds, two came from one box, and two came from the box once it had moved and moved back.  I always assumed that the orbs were just an indicator that we need something out of the box, but now I am not so sure on the randomness.  Just something to pay attention to.


                          2.) While watching the theater of a different 4 player game, I noticed something, and a few of the posts on here make me think that it might have something to do with the continuation.  Just as a note, in this same game I received the Type 25 in the box at Depot, with an orb, as Samuel.  While I was hitting the box at Depot, the Avogadro spawned in (I never kill him in case he is needed for something).   


                          Here is the interesting part.  "He" was underneath the green light and attempted to shock me after I hit the box.  When I heard the sound of him shooting I instantly ran into the bus station, via the 750 door, not the turbine door. I was inside the building during the game so I could not see this, but in theater mode, once he turned back into the ball, instead of chasing me through the 750 door, he went into the shelter window on the right side of the box. Unfortunately, since I could not see this, I ran back out of the building, and in the theater I can see him come back out of the window.


                          In other words, after the turned back into the ball so that he could move again, "He" thought the quickest path to me was through that shelter window, a place I was not sure he could go, but he turned around when I came back out.  This leads me to believe that he can travel down any path that the zombies come from.  This would include the windows in the tunnel.  I have not been able to make him go into one, but it does seem odd that he can go into wherever zombies come out of, and he doesn't spawn in the tunnel, which makes it harder to get him there..


                          The reason I think this may be significant, is because he didn't just go in the window and come right back out.  If you look in the window, there is a path leading downwards that turns to the left.  He went all the way down and started to make the left turn before he turned around...


                          3.) The third thing that I noticed has to do the the sparking power lines that you can shoot.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, there is one next to the truck at the Diner, on the opposite side of the teleporter.  There is one at the farm next to the claymore shed, on the right side.  There is one at the Depot which is in front of one of the windows on the far side of the outdoor area.  The last one I found is near town on the church path. 4 total that I have found....yes 4...there could be more though I suppose.


                          I have known about the power lines for a long time, and during down time in a game, sometimes I'll try to get them spinning (you can move them by shooting them, so shooting them at the right time as they fall can make them spin if you do it correctly).  I had never watched myself do this in theater though, and when I was fast forwarding through that part, I noticed that, like the orbs, these power lines were invisible if not played through at normal speed.


                          There are also similar power lines in Nuketown, but you cannot move them by shooting them.  In other words, in one map we have these sparking power lines that you can interact with, and in another map, these same type of power lines do not have the same properties.... This does not seem like coincidence to me.


                          4.) This one is merely conjecture, but if someone can make sense of it, please do.  At the Diner, on the opposite side of the "ON 4 U" sign, it reads "OPEN 24 HOUR" when the sign flickers though, it reads "PE-2-HR" in lit up letters... my friend read this as "Pay to her" and seems to think this means we need to give Misty money at some point.  I'm not so sure, but I told him I'd get the community's feedback.

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