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        150. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

        That's an interesting take. I'd say the opposite. Camping in TDM is not acceptable. You need kills to win, yes surviving is important, but kills win the game, not going 0-0. Camping in domination is acceptable, it's what you do when you have capped a flag. There's no point capping, moving to the next flag only to lose the first. This is CoD not a fairground roundabout. That said camping, or defending, a flag has to be in prportion. No need for the whole team to sit around one flag, onemaybe two players at most! while the rest of the team go hunting another.

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          151. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

          Complaining is ruining this game that's the bottom line and rushers and campers are both guilty of it. I wish they would seriously make an unbiased game so every play style has a chance instead of just campers and rushers.

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            152. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

            They have, it's called CoD. Anybody who rushes or camps 100% of the time is unlikely (there are always exceptions) to be successful.


            I agree complainers is having an unecessary negative impact on the whole experience.

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              153. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

              No MW2 and Black Ops 1 were the last unbiased games in the series MW3 catered to campers Black Ops 2 catered to rushers and Ghosts it's hard to tell I guess I have to wait until they stop patching the game.

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                154. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

                Campers suck,but they are in every call of duty game. Its nothing you can do about it.

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                  155. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

                  IMO it's often because the "camper" hatred is never a well thought out argument. It's usually more selfish in nature...as in "woe is me" I'm getting killed by campers too much.


                  Now I'm not at all bagging on the OP...because the guy was being honest in that he's not the final say on the topic. He's correct that camping has gone viral in this game, but that's just the nature of "change"...and this game unfortunately lends itself to camping more than it does rushing.


                  You saved me some time !

                  I agree, I don't think camping should be banned and I think skillless rushers are morons worse than campers.

                  This game does seem to promote the slower game pace which promotes camping with the low TTK, as has been said in countless posts.

                  I was furious that this happened but now I have embraced the slower pace, I patrol areas and deny enemy presence.


                  Not to say I don't miss the faster BO2 style play, but this once you have a handle on the slower style it can be pretty fun.

                  I guess people have differing views of fun as I generally used to associated it with mindless run n gun where I finished work and didn't want to think strategy or worry about which dark building people were hiding in.


                  There is no right or wrong here, I understand the views of both sides all too well.

                  The end of the day, most people enjoy winning and getting a high KDR.

                  Majority of the time in Ghosts you have to slow down and patrol/camp to do this.

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                    156. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

                    I think one of the biggest problems in these discussions is what people view camping and rushing as.

                    Campers/camping could be considered one of dozens of different playstyles.

                    Rushing is the same.

                    Campers can be corners campers, ADS campers, doorway campers, prone campers, unskilled campers, skilled of all the above etc......

                    Eg I camp in a few games (my definition is patrolling areas or holding down a section) but I go 22-4 in TDM.

                    Is this hurting the team when I just won them the match ?

                    I actually get more kills camping than rushing so I find it funny when you see people on here saying campers hinder teams.

                    Agreed if they are useless campers going 4-12 or something but the same can be said about rushers.

                    A rusher can go 45-2 or 15-23 etc, depends entirely on skill/teams/map etc.


                    I definitely agree you need a mix of both rushing and camping for the game to be successful, a whole team of each would be a nightmare.

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                      157. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

                      I totally agree with you. A lot of the debate, and why it lingers, is people have a different view of what camping is. Some would say you patrolling an area is camping, I wouldn't. Some see the killcam, note the killer was ADSing, must be a camper. Never mind that you are more likely to get a kill if ADSing. People complain about corner campers a lot. Never mind that being in a corner is cutting the odds of being killed, kind of one objective in a war game! As I have already said, camping has a place, it can help to win a match, but it has to be thought through and done with the aim of winning. No need for three players to sit five feet from each other defending the same thing. I see plenty of good, useful, camping, and little mindless, stupid, camping, fortunately. But each of us experiences something different.


                      When I die, and respawn, quite often I will see a team mate prone covering a spot. I respawn a second and third time, he's still there. Unlike many, I will look at the scoreboard before judging if he is a waste of space. Many don't. When it's the other way round, I get trolled. Never mind I am top of my team, with the most caps (HC Dom), while the 'troller' is 2-13 with no caps. I often feel like sticking my mic on and saying "hey, sorry I'm not feeding the enemy killstreaks and doing nothing to help win the game" but that would just give them the rise they are looking for. So I just ignore them, and they rarely see the match out to the end.


                      Bottom line is we all bought the game, I enjoy it for the most part. If others don't then I'm sorry but it isn't going to change much so find a different game you do enjoy. If I didn't enjoy it I would.


                      Edit to add - meant to say, poor rushers hinder the team more than a poor camper. At least a poor camper isn't feeding the enemy with killstreaks.

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                        158. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

                        Campers point of view:


                        - Bunny hopping is ruining this as much as camping

                        - with running camper gets kd 0/20 , but with camping kd is 7/8, so why should camper run

                        - Thermal scope sniping, as irritating than camping. But more acceptable why?

                        - And if you are good runner, you get campers easily. If you do not get them easy. Maybe you are not good runner?

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                          159. Re: Camping IS ruining this game......

                          Every game, every player in this game CAMPING!...

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