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    Nightfall Rhino's


      Hey, so I was just reading on the Wiki the following about Rhino's on POC.


      "Rhinos will begin to spawn during the second Barrier Hive if it is not destroyed within eight minutes, a Rhino will also spawn after ninety seconds at the eleventh and thirteenth Hives, as well as after two minutes and thirty seconds at the fourteenth Hive."


      Does anyone know any details about their spawning habits in Nightfall? Which hives/how many/after how long?


      I notice sometimes they come out of the containers/cages and sometimes out of the floor.. I've seen one on the far building after first killing the breeder and heard there is one upon entering the facility, both of which run off if left alone.

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          I do know that Rhinos start spawning fairly early on in Nightfall. Shortly after the first boss battle you'll encounter them and then every few hives after.


          The hardest parts for me are the final hive and when you get the breeders health down to half way during the final battle the game sends rhinos after you.

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            I haven't played Nightfall all that much to really give it any thought etc

            It's usually the final hive before the weapon facility that you get a few, some times you get 2, but other times you seem to get 3. It seems random. Then of course you get 2 or 3 IN the weapon facility, at 2 of the hives (one being the final hive (13th)

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                Yeah I've noticed it's rare or at all that they appear the first hive after the Breeder but I think it might be 1 or 2 the hive after that and then 3 the hive after.. I dunno, it just seems that sometimes I'm getting so many of the things appearing I wonder if there is any way to reduce how often they appear. Quicker organisation between hives so the drill gets going earlier or something.

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                  The other day I was playing in a match of absolutely terrible randoms and it took soooo long fighting the FIRST breeder that the map spawned like 6 Rhinos and 4 Phantoms all at once. Needless to say we got demolished lol. Good thing I was drunk at the time or I might have been more pissed than I already was lol.

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                  They seem pretty random in NF.  Sometimes they spawn in the instant you put the drill down, sometimes it's in the middle of drilling and sometimes they randomly show up just as the drill finishes.  Usually you won't get one for the first hive after the breeder but not always.

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                    Even without touching the drill, they eventually show up.


                    At least 2 Rhinos & various others will spawn after 10 or so minutes if you don't touch the drill.

                    One time I sat in the starting area,  not passing through the starting gate where the AI soldier dies......they still appeared after some time. They automatically found me & it was over. I've tested this several times, both in solo & co-op mode.



                    Also if you take too long in the first area with one or two drills completed already, that same group can pop up right next to you as you begin drilling at one of the remaining locations. Not much can be done at that point unless it's co-op.