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      • 90. Re: NERF THE GD DOGS!!!

        With all these asking for nerfs you guys are ruining the game for the rest of us. If you die from the Guard dog constantly then you are just bad at the game plain and simple. It literally takes like 1.5 seconds of shooting to kill one.


        A lot of the time the guard dog will get 1 or ZERO kills. You nerf the dog in anyway and it will become extremely useless.

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          If the Dead Silence perk worked against the dogs too that would be interesting.

          Like players using the perk could only be spotted by the dog, but remain hidden if right around the corner & moving.

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            after playing a bit more ya the dogs are still annoying. why the **** does it run half way across the map just to kill me when i didnt even kill its owner? XD but throwing knives are a 1 hit kill to it as for shooting it down >.> gotta be atleast 10 feet away to kill the damn thing cuz it lunges like hell XD moral of the story. throwing knife that sob grab ur knife and chuck it at the owner as well (done it myself XD)

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              Not one to use the term "overpowered", but I would agree it takes too much to kill the dogs. Some games I get more dog deaths than gun deaths...


              Seems ridiculous to me that they are seemingly bullet proof in comparison to their master. I faound out yesterday that ballistic vests buy you a free pounce...


              So I would advise putting one on and saving your ammo and knifing him...

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