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        The first female led Marvel movie would be great. Scarlet has pretty good name recognition and her character has been established and with Cap 2 that should only help. I would totally enjoy that movie.

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          @Rogue - Yeah, it's pretty chaotic with everything going on.  I really liked the issue though and I thought the art did a great job conveying everything that happened in a short span.  I loved the fight scene and the arm lock that Bobbi puts the other person in to make it harder to shoot her.  Even with her brains scrambled Bobbi is awesome, haha.  And the scene after the person is shot is so well down as you see several reactions to it.  There's also another little bit where Natasha shows concern over Bobbi when the memory loss is brought up that I thought was a nice touch.  Natasha is often the tough, hardened spy that it's moments where she rushes toward an injured friend and asks "oh, darling, are you okay?" where you see her softer side.  Even though normal-Bobbi would hate all the worried looks and people fussing over her, haha.   It's gonna be interesting to see how much they tie up in the last issue.  I really, really hope that Bobbi ends up in the relaunched Secret Avengers.  I remember they said that the full roster hasn't been revealed yet.  Given the state she's in I feel like they gotta follow up on it.

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            @Iron: Yeah, a Widow movie would work great as the first Marvel movie with a female lead.  Not only will she have been in at least 4 movies by then (IM2, Avengers, Cap 2, Avengers 2), but movies with spies doing cool stuff aren't that difficult to get people excited about.  Who doesn't wanna see an awesome spy thriller movie?


            @Hawk: I wonder if part of the reason they haven't revealed the roster yet is so they didn't reveal who lives and dies in this story?  Obviously, they wouldn't wanna tell people Bobbi's on the team when there's been so much mystery about if she'd survive the arc.  Maybe that means she'll be there then?  I'm sure you'd be running around the streets screaming in joy over that happening, after all the worry that she wouldn't survive. 


            Also, I got Black Widow #3 today!  Another awesome issue, and it sets up an interesting situation for the next one, too, though I don't wanna spoil anything if you haven't read it.  Should be getting the Secret Avengers issue about a week from now, I'd bet. 

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              So read SA and I agree Hawk it was well done, really liked the twist at the end although we are left in the dark as to whether or not Bobbi made it out, but hopefully she did.


              I also read Ms. Marvel #1 and not sure what to think of it. Obviously she is an inhuman but she actually gets a pretty good transformation unlike some of those poor inhumans who look pretty freaky. I am going to read #2 when it comes out to see the direction they will take it but the concept seems interesting.


              Just watched Ender's Game and was disappointed. Really liked the book and the movie captures some elements but they try to jam so much in that they fail to connect you with the characters in an effective way. I give them an A for effort but a D for execution. The acting is pretty solid but again not enough time to capture the full thrust and scope of what the book did. It is like they picked out the all the best action scenes in the book but without the connective tissue of the character interactions to give it depth the movie suffers.

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                @Rogue - Yeah, I think spoilers is exactly the reason why they didn't reveal the full cast when the relaunch was announced.  Bobbi was in such a dangerous position and with two deaths mentioned in the solicits they didn't wanna give away what happens to her.  They only reveal spoilers if its about someone popular enough to drum up extra sales, haha. I don't see em adding too many more people to the roster though.  We already know Clint, Natasha, Fury Jr, Coulson, Spider-woman, and Modok are in it.  Too many more people and it'll be overkill.  I'm sure we'll see some more interviews from Kot soon to hype up the relaunch of SA next month and hopefully we'll get news on Bobbi. Haha, I was already screaming in the streets cause she survived!  Of course I want her in the SA relaunch too though cause I want more Bobbi awesomeness!


                Sweet!  I picked up BW #3, but haven't had a chance to read it yet.  I'll have to catch up to ya this weekend.


                @Iron - Great to hear you liked!  It was a fun twist and well executed.  With one issue left for this volume I think it'd make sense for Bobbi to have snuck onto the sub while everyone was looking at Yelena.  She was still hidden from view so she could've ran behind the others and gotten into the sub before Natasha made a run for it.  This storyline has been going on for so long that doing a long song and dance about Bobbi trying to escape the island would just be too much, I think.  After the craziness of the last few issues, we could use an issue to decompress, tie up the loose ends, and set up the new status quo for the relaunch.  Maybe it'll be left a mystery what happened to Bobbi to be explored in the relaunch, but I think at this point it makes more sense to get her back to safety and deal with the repercussions of what happened.


                I just wanted Ender's Game the other night.  I've never read the book before, but I felt the same way you did.  While the action looked pretty, Ender and the rest of the cast was just dull.  There was too much "Ender's so brilliant, Ender's such a good leader!" it didn't feel natural and there wasn't anything else to his character besides that.

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                  Hawk you should read the book although the big plot twist has been ruined for you, but they do a lot more with the game he plays and also a better job building relationships and it is really a good book, but a failed movie effort.


                  I agree we don't need Bobbi on the island anymore and the next issue can set up the relaunch.


                  The Avengers comic is kind of fun right now with bad Avengers from another universe in the mix, AIM making super adaptoids it is pretty fun.

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                    I'm really looking forward to the current swing of Hickman's Avengers.  The cosmic stuff is alright, but I can't wait for the AIM centric storyline with adaptoids and evil alternate universe Avengers!  Secret Avengers has done well re-establishing AIM as a threat and its fun to see that carry over into Hickman's book and Avenger's World.  Are you picking up AW too?

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                      So off to Anchorage for a couple of days to see my granddaughter. Hope you guys have a good one and will be back on Tuesday night.

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                        I really enjoyed the book of Ender's Game, but haven't seen the movie yet.  I have read quite a few mixed reviews so my expectations weren't too high to begin with, but consider my expectations lowered a bit more!


                        RS - I just read a little bit about an annouced Transformers game.  Apparently it is kind of a sequel to Fall of Cyberton, while somehow still being a movie tie-in.  Weird.  High Moon Studios is not making it either.  Considering it is just being announced now and the movie comes out in a few months it doesn't seem too promising.


                        4 more days until vacation!

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                          The first videos for Avengers: AoU are coming out!  Nothing major, but it seems like the South Africa shoot is about Hulk busting up cars.   Can't wait till we spot some of the stars!


                          @Iron - Have fun!  I don't spoil too much about yesterday's WD episode, but it was pretty awesome.  While the first ep just focused on Rick, Carl, and Michonne, this one featured a lot more characters and we get to find out how many of em ended up, as well as a few surprises.