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        50. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

        Ratio K / D in the limit of 1.5 is possible, no two sentences. These are people with a border of 2 - 2.5 but it is small community we have. Far from the idea is to be able to after verification of the subject, to be able to fire him from the lobby, and more as if they were dedicated servers and that was the peace of mind.
        I do not know if I wrote about, but all I have to say.
        I'm sorry for the translated English:

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          51. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

          Played some more over the extended weekend and I encountered less hackers and the ones I encounter were blatant. I like blatant hacks/mods. Dude went 44-2.


          Another game I swear 2 if not 3 of the opponents were cheating. The first hind dropped within 1m. Followed by a helo pilot and and another hind. The game was a blur of enemy helicopter support. Top 3 scores were 22-0, high teens and like 1-2 deaths and #3 was mid teens with 0 deaths.


          The cream of the crop was a clan of [mostly] hackers. They were speaking Arabic or some middle-eastern language. Clan name was a bunch of punctuation marks. Fellow team mates of mine were calling for reports. My friend and I were just camping the top of the stairs in tremor. I think I kept killing the same member over and over but when I finally died, I had a hell of a time getting back to that room. Dudes were jump firing and insanely accurate. We played 2 games with them and said we had enough. 4 of the 6 opponents had high KDRs each game. Not to mention they were talking incessantly. How the hell do I get in a game where it's all talk?


          Rest of the weekend was tolerable. Also the amount of players playing TDM hovered under 2k. Abysmal.

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            52. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

            Parties usually boost their stats because they have each others backs. I've seen guys with 4.0 k/d that didnt seem lke they were cheating, but they had friends in their party. Apparently, even if you used to aimbot in a game, you will be a better player when you are not cheating because you have seen how impeccable timing looks.

            Generally, if I never see your back, you are suspicious. It's still hard to tell though sometimes. You would have to watch a player over a few maps to really know.

            I have tweaked audio to hear out DS players pretty well and I get reported because I prefire like a mofo but 1) I'm not the only one and 2) I can see how it looks like cheating so I take it a a bit of a compliment lol. But I STILL get shot in the back, so that's a big tell for me.

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              53. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

              Unless it's obvious (and I understand obvious is under interpretation) I don't assume anything. I feel like a good portion if the PC community is really quick in calling people out who are just better players and thats a destructive habit.

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                54. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                I play mostly DOM and almost always in a full party of 6, and the support especially in your Win/Loss which is what I'm more concerned about is certainly increased and the same with our KDR's. The thing about DOM is that it's pretty easy to figure-out where the 'enemy' is located on the map and obvious when they're attempting to cap e.g. 'B' and IMO you're not a good player if you're not pre-firing on 'B' when clearly you're losing it and duh someone is there taking it. In general, if you have e.g. A & B then most of the players are spawning at C unless you and several of your fellow teammates are pushing too hard and flip the spawns.


                Another trick is to 'neutralize' the enemy's flag(s) (generally one) and then pick them off as they attempt to re-cap it. Now you do that plus several other 'dirty little tricks' that I've learned and passed onto my clan trust me both your KDR is going to go up and the number of times the hackusations start flying around. Lets no forget open mic with constant call-outs the entire game.


                Almost always the player on the top of the leaderboards is called the 'hacker' but way too often it's the dude with the 10~15~20 KDR with zero (0) caps and not the guy with 50 kills to 35 deaths with the 8 caps! The most annoying are when players see a Squadmate (Shield AI killstreak) and think it's you! Pff I've lost count on that happening to me...

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                  55. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                  Sometimes it's completely obvious when you watch the kill cam because they are pre-aiming and following you through several walls and around a corner and then kill you the instant you come into their line of sight.


                  Other people aren't so stupid a to make it so obvious which makes it hard to tell. But you can totally tell the difference between someone making smart movement around the map (aiming around corners, etc.) and someone who knows exactly where you and your teammates are.  If it happens once or twice I don't suspect anything but if it happens over and over then something is up and I'll report them for cheating and let ATV investigate.  Just today I was playing against someone who obviously had a wallhack or at least a radar hack because he always knew exactly where everybody was.  No Sat Coms up and I'm also using dead silence while keeping my distance from teammates. In the kill cams he runs freely through the map almost like he's not paying attention until just before he got to where I was and then would pre-aim to shoot me(in the back usually too).  He also wasn't using Ping or Amplify and was running assault streaks so couldn't have had them in specialist.

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                    56. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                    I'd love to say Kill Cams tell the whole story, but they don't. You can have every single perk and if you fire-off your gun with no silencer in Core there you are Sat Com or not. I have zero doubt there are hackers out there, pff just play for a while... The Kill Cams often don't show a long drawn out chase where the player (if there was another 10 or 15 seconds added) could easily know exactly where you are or you were called-out or a revenge kill.


                    This is why I really miss THEATER and it was a very poor choice for IW to remove it.


                    In the 'Mystical Land of Truth' I'd safely say most that I believe are hacking are indeed hacking, LMAO a couple to date have a Ghosts Vac Ban, but very (very) few will/would I be surprised that hid their hacks so well I never suspected. Everyone including you will have 'WTF' kills and deaths from legit players and probably every game let alone every night.

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                      57. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?
                      1. They are called cheaters. The tool they are using may be called a 'hack', but they are not hacking.
                      2. I mostly dont judge from the first kill, it just triggers the alarm. I then watch the killcams carefully, listen to footsteps and see if they have me on radar. Nothing to it really.
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                        58. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                        it takes a long time spectating to call cheater, i always enjoyed the 'speccing' in united offensive

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                          59. Re: Cheaters - How Do you Know Hacker from Legit?

                          I agree that a single kill cam isn't gonna show you this. But there is enough lead up to be able to tell if someone came straight to you on purpose or they stumbled upon you.  Consistently, like 3 games of TDM, every time I watched his kill cam it's the same floating through the map, not checking corners(because he knows where everyone is), then as soon as he got to where I was he pre aims and is ready.  He wouldn't have been having near flawless games every single time if that's how he actually played.


                          I know the wallhacks are live and active because I just played another game where some dude was stupid about how he used it.  He was shooting people through walls cross map on Stonehaven.  Didn't try to hide it at all and everyone in the lobby was chatting about how lame it was.  It was kind of funny actually but then when he got his KEM, we all just left.

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