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    Clan wars confusion!. Are we in or out?

      Okay so I was enrolled in diamond division and opted out about a week ago as lieutenant commander.  But about 5 hours ago I guess it still said we were enrolled in DDiv and we opted out as soon as we saw this. My question is if we opted out about 5 hours ago will we be in the upcoming clan wars? Or is it too late.

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          Same thing happened to me.


          Waiting to see if someone has an answer

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            There has been a lot of confusion because people are seeing both locations on the map and when they open it up it starts with them on  Cairo which is the diamond division even though they aren't in diamond . When you saw that you were still opted in was it because you looked at the invitation and it stated that you were opted in with the time slot that you choose? Or did it just show the invitation with the opt out option on it ? Prior to me opting in I could see the invite on with the opt out option on it, once I actually opted in then when I went there where the invitation was it said on the top of it that I was opted in which it did not say that before. think this is the part confusing a lot if people no one told them what to look for .