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    Zombies Team BO1 and BO2 Recording for Youtube 2400+Subs.

      We currently have a team of 5 players and we are looking for more!

      We all have BO1 and BO2 Map Packs


      WHAT WE DO:

      - Easter Eggs (Main Part)

      - Grief (Our Record is 5 - 0)

      - Regular zombies games

      - We record for YouTube with high rounds

      - We also play Custom Zombies on PC



      - MUST have a Mic (NO KINECTS PLEASE)

      - 15 or Older

      - At least Skull Rank

      - Most of the Map Packs (Especially for BO2)

      - Some Zombie Knowledge (Easter Eggs, Maps, and Locations)

      My Stats

      Skull With Knife

      Blue Eyes

      K/D - 1.10

      Revives - 556

      Grenade Kills - 2705

      Headshot's - 13454

      Death's - 382

      Perk's Drank - 2013

      Door's - 912

      Hit's - 713443

      Mile's Ran - 1487

      Gib's - 80512

      I will link your gamer tag and channel in the description of each video you are in. If you guys read up to this point you are probably dedicated enough for our team. I will not be on for a few hours so message my gamertag saying "ZOMBIETEAM"

      XBL ONLY

      Gamertag - Its Various