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    G3AR Clan for BOII- Xbox 360

      I put up a G3AR Clan post a long time ago, and all the replies got lost. Anyways this is revised.

      Requirements to join:

      K/D .5 or above, must be able to improve

      Mic is preferred

      Must not be so tight and mean, you must have fun and a good time.

      I am looking for all kinds of people to join. As long as you speak English. I am always recruiting, if I am not then I would close this. I need some more experience players. Not to be rude to some guys in my clan, but some are still on the learning side, and I was helping them out. We are starting to do League Play, so if you are a League type person, then we will welcome you. For competitive gameplay, we play all game modes.

      For Sponsors, or business inquiries, please contact this email: xboxgunhunter@hotmail.com

      For clan requests, or you want into the team please contact this email: freakinawes@hotmail.com

      I am pretty ticked off at the fact that they took off Call of Duty Elite, so I need some way to know all your names. If you do send me an email for wanting to join include your gamertag and your k/d. My gamertag is CrucifixDead, so you guys can message me on Xbox Live if you need to.

      I can trickshot really well, if you want to have a tirckshotters section then message me that you can trickshot and I will try you out. Just in case you don't believe me, I have done quadruple shock charge 1080 Y-Y knife no scope. Wasn't public match, but I have hit some cool ones on public match.