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    PS3 Modern Warfare 3 Clan Recruiting

      We Are Stoners- Clan Recruiting


      Looking for anyone who wants to join my clan i have one other person in the clan (StonerStylez-)  we need people who have Premium for elite so we can rank up the clan. You dont have to make a Stoner account but if you want you can.



      Things StonerStylez-  And I Want-


      KD At Least A 1.00

      Good Players

      People With Premium Membership On Elite


      If you want to join message me on ps3 StonerMcGee- and ill add you to the clan if u meet the requirements.



      If I Dont Respond Its Because I Most Likely Got Offline. But I Will Try To Get On In The Morning


                                                                                                                           Your Stoner,