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    A Momentary Lapse of... Zom Abilities?


      I've hit a lull, and figured it would have passed by now, but I'm sucking it up lately-- and it's peeving me.

      It seems that in the past it would only last a couple days...

      Should I listen to Enya while playing, or maybe have some herbal teas laced with super vitamins??



      Anyway, figured I'd share.


      Feel free to comment on yer own zombies dissonance and how it affected your gameplay, or perhaps what you've done to break free from the funk of crappin' on yer own gun and skills.

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          I've been sucking for some time now. Mostly because I only get on here or there. But tried getting back into it to go after a low round for the Origins EE. Played about  a dozen solo games to sharpen my skills, and sadly only 1 of them was a decent one. Then someone asked to borrow my Xbox to use Netflix to catch up on a show. I know once I get it back, the little sharpening I did will have been wasted.


          I did hit you up one night last week or so, but was told you were sleeping. Need to get some games in and go for a low round on Origins once I get it back.

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            It happens to me all the time, my form seems to be yo-yo at best. Died at round 18 on Town the other day, and convinced myself that I was no good at this game anymore. Went straight into a solo Nuketown ready to fail and call it a night, and ended up hitting round 42 (top 1500) and having to quit because it was early hours of the morning.


            There's always a game round the corner to give you that ego boost you need. If I'm struggling for form, I like to go into a few hectic games with randoms. Don't stress about rounds or downs, just focus on keeping the team alive for as long as possible. Then, go into some structured games with friends or solo and it feels much easier. Works for me.

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              One player told me when i was just starting, you got to be high to get high, i didn't get what he meant by that at the time....

              Im too old for games and find any game plain boring unless it is chess, but under influence of herbal teas they turn colorful and cool, i dont do vitamins.

              Had a few games when i was board, i was strait, i must admit i have faster reflexes and think a lot sharper but i start to get board very quick which leads me to do dumb stuff like show off or play without jug or go for impossible revives, in short i play aggressive and very risky, not safe.

              When i hit the tea and have a blast, it keeps me on my toes, i am constantly looking around and aware of my surroundings, i take my time and play it safe, in this state i am on my game at best.

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                  Well, that sort of tea makes me buggy and worse at pretty much everything.

                  There was a time, probably 12 years ago, when I could do everything better (or at least I thought) when in a state like that.

                  I think in my case, absence made the heart grow intolerable.


                  I was actually thinking about brewing some Earl Grey and poppin' a Vitamin D or C in it

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                      Mate, go for a cup or two of chamomile tea.


                      Nerves- Relaxed

                      Crazy revives- no problem.

                      Get out of crazy situations? - Hell yeah!

                      As for vitamins, magnesium is good to relax.


                      I find my biggest problem is getting frustrated. I love nuketown, but often I got down <r15, mainly either to jug not dropping, or I concentrate so much on getting the galvenknuckles that I go down on like round 8. After 3 games of round 8 downs, I feel like screaming. I go make a cup of tea, have a break for 15 mins, return and my heads back in the game.


                      Alcohol is really good for relaxing, but its way too easy to get drunk, in which case you make sloppy mistakes. I think that relaxing with the game is key, some people drink, some people take pills, some people get high, and some people remain stone cold sober. Its whatever works for you.


                      But, Daves idea of playing in a random lobby (on a simple map like town I find better), and carrying a team is always an ego stroke. I've had some awesome games too, where no one has gone down till r25, all from playing in random lobbies.


                      On a side note mate, if you're stressed at work, that could be where your skill decline is coming from, you're wound up before you begin. If you do want something to help with stress, a Passiflora tincture is really good. Helps with stress without causing drowsiness or dopiness.

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                          Good call with the Chamomile and Passiflora. A quick read says that Passiflora may also have aphrodisiac properties, which could lead to a nice finale after a boss zom game-- or during, I reckon... Drinking does occasionally help, but it does lead to a drunk pretty easily. I think you're right about my work being the main cause of my ailment though. I'm in the HVAC business, in Minnesota, so when it's really cold or really hot, we're very busy. And it certainly has been a hell of a winter. I'll definitely try a tincture or three. My wife would be into that too. She's practically on 3 hours sleep everyday, minus the micro dozes she gets during the day. Youngster-ville is kind of tough.


                          It seems I'm having most of my good games on Nuketown, with randoms, but I hear ya on the late Jugg appearances. I do like Town as well, but it seems most of the games are with amateur players that tend to quit after their 10th down. I don't mind playing games like that when people don't back out. I remember when I first started, in BO1, I'd have more downs then kills by the time the game was through. Gotta get better somehow, right?


                          I think I drink too much coffee during the day too.


                          Guess I didn't really want to psychoanalyze my intakes and life, but it turned out being an okay thing.

                          I know that I'll eventually whip a 180 and charge.

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                              STop being so crazy man, no need to ever be embarrassed about a game. you have to think of zombies like touching a woman, take it slow and gental, stay in rhythm, and when the end is near, move like crazy. Lol


                              anyway, when ever I'm playing ill hit you up, sometimes playing with the same team will help.

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                                  FlyingPlatapus wrote:


                                  you have to think of zombies like touching a woman, take it slow and gental, stay in rhythm, and when the end is near, move like crazy. Lol

                                  Giggity. Not really embarrassed, just figured I'd ask peeps to share their experiences with the lack of kill skills.

                                  It did end up being a life altering discussion and how I can improve my overall life though lol...


                                  I know that playing with the same team helps. Unfortunately, I lost mine to the One. They traded their consoles and games to Best Buy for $100 towards the new system. I don't understand how someone could abandon zombies and have to wait until the next title drops, or at least until BO1 or 2 comes to the next-gens as downloadables... A kind of blasphemy imo.

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                                    Hehehe, know that is an analogy I never saw coming.

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                            I tend to find I get more complacent when I string along alot of consecutive games or play consistently each day. Probably down to the tiredness.


                            I play better nowadays just doing 1-2 games a week. That way the game still stays interesting without being overplayed.

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                              Don't feel bad. I haven't been able to get a good game going here recently. The highest I've made it is 14 on origins. 9 on Mob of The Dead.. 9 on die Rise, 7 on Nuketown. But yeah thought i'd share!:)