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        10. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

        No, the game blows.  Until they fix it, it's really not worth the money.  Wish I could get mine back...

        Last Edited: Feb 20, 2014 7:34 PM
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          11. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

          No. Waste of money.

          Last Edited: Feb 20, 2014 9:06 PM
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            12. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

            save your money and preorder titanfall with it

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              13. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

              So far I think it's been a waste of money.  Due to the lack of a player base, the lag on the new maps is twice as bad as the regular maps and there were also frame rate issues on a couple of them as well.   Not sure if the frame rate issue has been addressed, as I haven't played them for a couple of weeks. The map designs themselves aren't terrible, but do you really want to waste any more money on a crappy experience?  I don't find the new weapons to be anything special either.. If you're looking to squander a few bucks... you can buy the new "ducky" or "space cat" customization packs (just kidding... they're a waste of money too).  Personally I'd wait a month and buy "that new FPS"... it's sad to say, but this year's offering in the cod franchise has been a huge disappointment.  Every time Infinity Ward puts out an update, it seems to create some new bug or glitch in it that they don't seem to want, or be able to fix.  That's my take on it anyway, hope it helps with your decision.  Good luck :-).

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                14. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

                I only got it because I wanted free fall and the ice camo, you can only get those with the season pass now. But I do see it benefited for me because I don't worry about paying for the map packs because they are all paid off already. The only 2 downsides for me is that you still have to pay for the micro items if you want them and the maps are not in regular rotation, I like the maps, they are good but I want them to go in rotation, which I'm sure they will 'soon'.

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                  15. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

                  Hell no it isn't worth it.  By giving Activision more money, you're telling them that it's okay to release a game as flawed as Ghosts and you'll still pay for extra content.  I'm not buying another CoD game or DLC until they design a game with functional spawning, well thought-out map design, and fewer connection issues.


                  The older games didn't have any of these troubles, and Activision has gotten lazy with the quality because they know it sells.

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                    16. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

                    Although the feedback is good, some are not really answering the question (or maybe your question is too vague). One person above answered it:


                    - If you are doing to buy all the Map packs, then the Season Pass is worth it. If you are not, then no do not buy it.


                    The next questions is (which has nothing to do with the Season pass itself):


                    "Are you enjoying the game?"

                    "How has the experience been after the DLC drop?"


                    The feedback to these (or similar) questions will help you decide if you are going to buy DLC (some, none, or all)

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                      17. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

                      The new gun that came with the dlc (Maverick) is fun to use. Nothing game changing its just new, and I like new guns. As far as the maps, I really like 3 of them and 1 kinda sucks. I like what they did by adding michael myers and the bombs that drop on certian new maps. Kinda fun and different. Really the only thing I was bumbed about is that you cant play the new maps in just domination, or tdm. You have to play them in "objective based" or "deathmatch based" game modes. That means objective based games, domination, s&d, s&r, and blitz are all in the rotation. So I cant just go play domination, I have to wait for one to pop up or to get the vote. Overall, I like it. If you are having fun playing the game then new content is always fun. The people that are hating on it, have a problem with the game itself, not the dlc.

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                        18. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

                        That's all I've been playing, the DLC playlist.


                        OP, IMO, it's different than the regular playlist since the maps are all small to medium not gigantic like Stonehaven, Stormfront etc. Way more close action. I think it's worth it as the huge maps can be frustrating if your playing solo and the mere fact that I've played the hell out of them makes the the new map pack playlist fresh and interesting.


                        But, I guess it all comes down to cash and how much you are willing to pay. I buy the season pass but the micro transaction stuff is never something that I buy personally.

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                          19. Re: Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

                          Wow debbie-downer. Not everybody is John Rambo at CoD. Maybe your expectations are too high. It happens.

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