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    Looking for active clan

      Currently in a clan that is almost never online. I am online almost all day and night... looking for active players to help me progress, a clan that is friendly and looking to be one of the best around. I try my best to advance the clan before myself just looking for a clan that has similar perspective.


      gamertag: xMo0GUNx  (second "o" is a zero)

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          Re: Looking for active clan

                 NBGaming is a clan that revolves around quality rather than quantity. NBg is comprised of mature adults that do not want to deal with immaturity or the trolling of dealing with randoms when playing alone. We are very particular with who we recruit onto our team. We look at the usual (k/d, w/l, etc.) but what sets us apart is the depth that we evaluate every player. Your application extends out much further than just your stats and takes a total of 7 days. This process helps us ensure we keep the quality we are looking for within our team.


          Our Application Process

                  Our application process takes place over a seven day period for proper evaluation of your level of maturity, skill, activity, and teamwork.

          The process will start with an application in the mobile app as well as an application on the website and the adding of the custom tag NBgR(for NBg Recruit) on your cod account. Over the next seven days you will be evaluated during normal gameplay by our LtCmdr's. At the end of the 7 day period your website account will automatically promote you out of recruit class and your application will be accepted in the mobile app.



                We do have a few minor requirements to be apart of our team. Please ensure you meet these requirements before applying.

          -Must have a K/D of 1.0 or higher

          -Must have a mic for Clan Wars

          -Must be age 17+

          *-Must have a W/L of .8 or higher



                  We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, Please do not let the application process scare you away, you will feel you are already one of us from day one, and the right to display the NBg tag will mean that much more when you earn it rather then it being given to you day one.


          Apply Today at www.NoBullGaming.enjin.com





          * (1.0 not required because your w/l will go up when playing with team.)


          We are also looking for Cross Platform leaders, If you play on another platform and think you can lead, send me an message on the website

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            Re: Looking for active clan

            Burnin N Lootin is looking for members. Message me on xbl TooTurntTan55 or apply or app

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              Re: Looking for active clan

              What platform are you on PS4 xbox?

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                Re: Looking for active clan

                Hi B4!


                We are currently on all consoles and online daily. We have no k/d requirement and we look for quality! Check us out at www.domclan.org if interested apply on that website.


                Good luck on your search!

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                  Re: Looking for active clan

                  What console?

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