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    Looking for a clan

      We are looking for a clan to join,my son and I play on same gamer tag he is 17 I am 42. He is the better player but I can hold my own he goes positive 90%of the time me 60- 70%of the time. Either could do clan battles but he would be the better one for that. I am looking to join a clan so I dont always get our a$$ kicked in public matches. our tag is xxTOXIC1xx

      add me, we are central time play in the evening mostly, due to work and school.thanks.

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          Re: Looking for a clan

          we play on xbox 360

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            Re: Looking for a clan

            We would be happy to have you, and your son join our clan. 

            Please feel free to apply to our clan via the call of duty ghosts app.  Just search for 1H1K.

            Hope to see you soon.


            1H1K is now recruiting


            -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

            About Us:

            -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

            We are a smaller, but growing clan, that enjoy competing in clan wars.  Currently we are a level 13 clan, but with your help, can grow much more.  We are a small group of gamers (currently about 15 members), most of us know each other in real life, and the rest have been playing COD together for several plus years.  We all have real lives, families, full time jobs, but enjoy playing the game as often as possible.


            We are a tight knit bunch, but are looking to expand so we can become more competitive in clan wars, and we can meet more people. We primarily play core TDM, but encourage players of other game modes to join up, so we can be more competitive in those game modes as well.  Clan wars has forced us to leave our comfort zone and try other game modes, and have actually been doing pretty well with them, if you think you can help, apply!


            -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

            Here are a few prerequisites, and things to consider, if you are interested in applying to our clan:

            -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

            - We're not looking for people to jump ship, don't join if you're a clan jumper, we want to build relations.

            - We're not all about the KD, but would really prefer people with a KD of over 1.0.

            - Would love a team orientated person, that has a good sense of humor and can take a joke.

            - Must be over 18 years old, and older more mature gamers are most welcome.

            - Must have a MIC, as we need to be able to communicate and work together as a team.

            - If you have a buddy that you want to bring along, let us know.
            - Must speak English.

            - Xbox players are encouraged to join as well, we only have a couple of them and would like to grow.

            - We don't discriminate, female gamers are also welcome to join.


            We have some new members that would love some company, so feel free to apply, we'd be happy to have you!  I appreciate your consideration, you can apply via the call of duty app, just search for:  1H1K

            Have fun and win guys, as that's what it's all about!  See you on the battlefield!


            - Pimply (PSN Gamer Tag)

            *If you send me a message via PSN, let me know you came from the forums.

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              Re: Looking for a clan

              I dont have the Ghosts app.

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                  Re: Looking for a clan

                  Hi there TwToxic!


                  Check out www.domclan.org and see if it appeals to you and apply on that website if interested. We have no k/d requirement as we focus on the quality of player versus his/her k.d. We're very active both on the website and all four consoles. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck on your search!

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                  Re: Looking for a clan

                  Welcome to Down N Dirty 1's recruitment page.

                  Firstly we would like to say almost everyone is welcome in our clan provided you are clan orientated and of course you’re not a squeaker. We cater for every type of player, competitive, casual, you name it...We all aim to get along and all share the same goal, to win!

                  Unlike most clans you can join us no matter what your K/D ratio is..While we would prefer a better K/D it is not the be all and end all as we know a lot of people focus on getting objectives done rather than mastering K/D in TDM etc.

                  For competitive gaming we always play to win clan wars, for casual gaming we play a mix of core and hardcore game modes, we always invite our clan members to each other’s lobbies and games as this gives for a better clan experience, getting to know your fellow members and their play styles not to mention leveling the clan and gaining bonuses from it along the way..


                  JUST A FEW REASONS TO JOIN US...

                  We are 40+ members strong and still growing

                  We are all clan orientated members

                  We are level 20+ Platinum Division clan

                  We have been a clan since MW3

                  We have our own website

                  We are all friendly and welcoming

                  We all play to win

                  We always invite each other to games and lobbies

                  We play and act as a team and not as individuals

                  We don't discriminate each other

                  Social media site supported outlets for gaming vids such as:

                  Twitter, YouTube, Twitch T.V. and our website Dirtygaming - iClan Websites

                  We are all English speaking

                  We are from various locations so you nearly always have someone to game with

                  The list could go on forever but you should get the point by now..



                  You need to be at least 15 years old (no if, and, or buts)

                  Be of a clan friendly attitude

                  A mic is preferable but not necessary

                  We mostly speak English as a first language


                  Members (SOLDIERS)

                  We are always looking to recruit new soldiers and today is no exception. A soldier is the heart and soul of the clan and their role is to gun down the opposition, work in a team to complete game objectives and follow the clan requirements. This may sound like a simple role but it is vital to the clan and all of its members. You will be highly valued and may have the chance to become promoted to Clan Co-Leader in the future.


                  European members

                  European members are always welcome. We have some European members now and would love to have you guys join us. Just need to speak English so we can communicate.




                  SCOUTSNYP3R M24 – Commander

                  Jay42010 - Staff 

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                    Re: Looking for a clan

                    I tried adding you, however I was unable to look you up under:  twotoxic.

                    If you're interested let me know your PSN name and I'll send you a clan invite.

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