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      I would like to file an official complaint as follows:

      As the commander of a very competitive and serious clan (ART of WAR ELITE) this ability for soldiers to invite anyone to join the clan makes my life a nightmare and the success of our clan winning diamond division clan wars nearly impossible.

      In Diamond division there is roster brackets. We are in the 46-54 clan member bracket. My Lt. Commanders and I have worked very hard at finding and scheduling our members to ensure they can all participate in the clan war for at least 85% of the 12 hrs needed to compete.


      If one of our soldiers invites just one new person before the roster locks that would put us at 55 members and thus at the bottom of the next bracket up of 55-68 members. That means we would be 12 members short of the other clans we would be competing against. THIS IS BEYOND FRUSTRATING!!!

      If we lose a diamond division clan war because some random clan member invites a buddy and kicks us up into the next bracket that will cause a problem of epic proportions. We have kicked 35 members to get to 54 85% and higher participation clan members. That is not easy.


      Please revert the system back to only Lt. Commanders being able to invite new members immediately!


      If you are reading this and you agree please like this post.