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    (PS3) Looking for a clan KD: 3.52 W/L 12.5

      My PSN is BeastlyX_ and I am looking for a good clan. Preferably with K/D's 2.0+.

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          Re: (PS3) Looking for a clan KD: 3.52 W/L 12.5

          AoM (All Out Marksman) is recruiting good players . We're a LVL 12 clan with a clan KD of 2.12, and a WL of 76% on PS3 . We're a pub stomping clan, and have 4 players who compete in GB occasionally . We currently have 8 members only due to good players already being in a clan . Players who join with a 2.30+ KD are changed to Lt. Commander with the option to help out by inviting other beast players to join the clan . Here are the requirements we agreed on for players :


          1. Must have a 2.00+ KD

          2. Must have a mic .

          3. Must communicate often .

          4. Must get along with others .

          5. Must play objective when available

          Additional Requirements :

          1. Fav. Game Mode

          2. Always be on the top of your game .(No raging, and ruining everyone else's game if you're angry) if you're a having a bad games, take a break, and relax for a bit .

          3. Must join parties when invited .

          4. Speak up if you plan to leave .

          5. Must play with other clan mates .

          6. Must have the App .

          If you wanna join AoM . Either send a application or message the leader (iRoyaL-xD) with the player requirements along with the message . Perhaps take a look at our clan page first on the App . We're looking for beast players, and we need your skill to build the most ridiculous, overpowered team . Join Now !

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