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    Relics You Would Use

      If you were using 1 relic, what relic would you use?

      If you were using 2, which two would you use?

      If you used 3 relics, which of them would you use?

      And finally, if you used 4 relics, which 4 would you use?

      (It's pointless asking which 5 you'd use )


      I seem to be rather different than everyone else, it appears. Everyone else will enable the "no class selection" relic if they use only 1 relic.


      If I use 1 relic, I use the "inflict less damage" one.

      If I use 2 relics I'd probably use Inflict Less Damage + Enemies Hurt You More.

      For 3 relics, I would use Inflict Less Damage + Enemies Hurt You More + Carry and Earn Less Cash

      Finally, for 4 relics, I'd use the above 3 + No Class Selection.


      What would your combination be?

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          Re: Relics You Would Use

          1 relic:  inflict less damage

          2 relics : inflict less damage + enemies hurt you more

          3 relics : inflict less damage +enemies hurt you more + pistols only

          4 relics : inflict less damage+ enemies hurt you mor + pistols only + no class


          this is  how i put my relics . i keep less cash for last choice  because playing in random lobbies i am not sure teamates to give me supply so i need all my cash to do ammo+armor.

          but usually on POC i run with no relics or with 5 relics.

          i didn't try yet nightfall with 5 relics , i will do it soon

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            Re: Relics You Would Use

            I'd normally use something around these lines:


            1 relic - inflict less damage


            2 relics - take more damage


            3 relics - pistols only


            4 relics - no class selection or the earn and carry less cash one.

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                Re: Relics You Would Use

                lol well obviously for the 4 relics you'd use one of those 2, but which one would you most likely use over the other?

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                    Re: Relics You Would Use

                    I'd probably go for the earn and carry less cash one.


                    Sorry when I typed those two last I couldn't think of which one I'd prefer to use.


                    I might be up for another high score run on Nightfall if you want. We can both get full teams going and complete it without downing at all which would mean a combination of protecting the 5 relic player as well as not going to far as to take all of his kills.

                    I'm hoping for a score of 400k+ which is an amazing score for Nightfall. My 360k puts me in the top 1** last time I checked I think and the top players have 430k.

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                  Re: Relics You Would Use

                  I do mine differently for sure.... Since I usually run this class in both POC and NF I adjust as such...Medic, ferals, sentries and vulture or riot.

                  1 relic- handgun only

                  2 relics- handgun only, take more damage

                  3 relics- handgun only, take more and do less damage

                  4 relics- the above plus no class

                  I dread the less cash relic and its always the last to get turned on. I've seen a lot of people turn on no class last but the money is of greater use to me. I realize the handguns only first might puzzle some but the combo of sentries and a vulture help lay down more damage to make up for weakened firepower on my part. Medic class helps a ton with take damage so it gets nullified. Do less damage usually means it only takes an extra melee attack or a few more shots from my magnum to do the job so I blast a lil bit more to get it done lol.  Honestly when I drop my Med class my gameplay suffers some since Im really used to the extra regen and speed but I survive.

                  5 relic runs for me change a bit but usually work well if challenges are completed and points used wisely..... I setup as follows 90% of the time on a 5 relic MP run- Magnum, explosive ammo, fast hands, IMS, machinegun turret.

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                    Re: Relics You Would Use

                    Well I guess this makes me the odd one out but my preference isn't even near the same as all of the others that have posted.


                    1 Relic: Pistols Only

                    2 Relics: Small Wallet

                    3 Relics: No Class

                    4 Relics: Do Less


                    The reason that I do them in this order is in preparation to run 5 relics. Starting with the easiest relics and ending with the hardest only makes the transition to a 5 relic run just that much more difficult. I feel that if I am slowly becoming accustomed to the more difficult to deal with relics first, then whatever gets piled on top of that affects me less and less. If I am running only Pistols, I can run engineer and grenade turret and still just dwarf everyone else's kills on Night Fall. With that setup and sentries I had a 584 kill game and it was gloriously fast paced with me dropping money everywhere and nonstop movement.


                    2 Relics: Small Wallet I stick with the same setup as above since the Engineer will help negate the effects of the small wallet and I can still spend to my hearts content. Small wallet works great with pistols only as you don't have to buy weapons or fight for locker keys etc.


                    3 Relics: This is where things can get ugly but this is where you get the best possible preparation for a 5 relic run. You have the worst possible handicaps altogether and the luxury of Engineer is no longer there to save you. Grenade turret is my best friend when I go with this setup. I trade the sentry gun for the IMS to cover my rear while I work from the turret. You can easily get your money back that you spent for the turret even with small wallet and a good vantage point over your hive. Remember to spend your money right before the hive is completed and you will be fine.


                    4 Relics: When you get to four relics, you get to test out your damage on targets and know how much it takes to put them down. Once you max the grenade turret, 2 shots to a hunter and let the fire finish him off (same for scorpions). Scouts will still go down in a single shot and Rhinos require some work but you should have help with those.


                    5 Relics: You won't even notice a difference really at this point, your defense is solid. Your IMS is in best possible location. You are constantly scanning for scorpions to knock out of the roof tops and keep your turret location secure. You really shouldn't feel that big a difference at this point and it's just business as usual. Keep a vest on and enjoy the mission completion.

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