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      Hi I'm 18 and a female gamer. KD 1.97, Win/Loss 3.4

      My current clan are moving to xbox 1 so I am on the look out for a new clan with decent, friendly players. Hit me up if you think you're clan could be for me


      Send PS3 message to: MissEllax

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          Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

          I'll send you an invite in game, check out our add, if it's a good fit, please accept.


          1H1K is now recruiting


          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

          About Us:

          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

          We are a smaller, but growing clan, that enjoy competing in clan wars.  Currently we are a level 13 clan, but with your help, can grow much more.  We are a small group of gamers (currently about 15 members), most of us know each other in real life, and the rest have been playing COD together for several plus years.  We all have real lives, families, full time jobs, but enjoy playing the game as often as possible.


          We are a tight knit bunch, but are looking to expand so we can become more competitive in clan wars, and we can meet more people. We primarily play core TDM, but encourage players of other game modes to join up, so we can be more competitive in those game modes as well.  Clan wars has forced us to leave our comfort zone and try other game modes, and have actually been doing pretty well with them, if you think you can help, apply!


          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

          Here are a few prerequisites, and things to consider, if you are interested in applying to our clan:

          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

          - We're not looking for people to jump ship, don't join if you're a clan jumper, we want to build relations.

          - We're not all about the KD, but would really prefer people with a KD of over 1.0.

          - Would love a team orientated person, that has a good sense of humor and can take a joke.

          - Must be over 18 years old, and older more mature gamers are most welcome.

          - Must have a MIC, as we need to be able to communicate and work together as a team.

          - If you have a buddy that you want to bring along, let us know.
          - Must speak English.

          - Xbox players are encouraged to join as well, we only have a couple of them and would like to grow.

          - We don't discriminate, female gamers are also welcome to join.


          We have some new members that would love some company, so feel free to apply, we'd be happy to have you!  I appreciate your consideration, you can apply via the call of duty app, just search for:  1H1K

          Have fun and win guys, as that's what it's all about!  See you on the battlefield!


          - Pimply (PSN Gamer Tag)

          *If you send me a message via PSN, let me know you came from the forums.

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              Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

              Awesome clan you guys seem to have . I agree with the clan jumpers I have had a few in my clan. Whats the point really? I will never understand, it's simple most of us play for a couple of hours a day or week and spend time and share moments with these people the least that can happen is build a strong team with strong people regardless of KD

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              Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

              Hello Miss,


              I am not sure if our clan would be right for you, but all I can hope is that at least you can check us out. We are a relatively growing clan that love to play and share a laugh a long the way. I sent you a Clan Invite, hopefully you find the right clan for you

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                Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

                AoM (All Out Marksman) is recruiting good players . We're a LVL 12 clan with a clan KD of 2.12, and a WL of 76% on PS3 . We're a pub stomping clan, and have 4 players who compete in GB occasionally . We currently have 8 members only due to good players already being in a clan . Players who join with a 2.50+ KD are changed to Lt. Commander with the option to help out by inviting other beast players to join the clan . Here are the requirements we agreed on for players :


                1. Must have a 2.00+ KD

                2. Must have a mic .

                3. Must communicate often .

                4. Must get along with others .

                5. Must play objective when available

                Additional Requirements :

                1. Fav. Game Mode

                2. Always be on the top of your game .(No raging, and ruining everyone else's game if you're angry) if you're a having a bad games, take a break, and relax for a bit .

                3. Must join parties when invited .

                4. Speak up if you plan to leave .

                5. Must play with other clan mates .

                6. Must have the App .

                If you wanna join AoM . Either send a application or message the leader (iRoyaL-xD) with the player requirements along with the message . Perhaps take a look at our clan page first on the App . We're looking for beast players, and we need your skill to build the most ridiculous, overpowered team . Join Now !

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                  Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

                  Add psn KiLLn-Sh_T clan kd 1.69 I just started the clan we have about 15 ppl very active and love to game. We play just about every game mode. Also we have a few ppl from the UK and Ireland. But mostly US. We would love to have ya on the team.  Clan name Real Gun Walk.

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                    Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97



                    NVZN Greatness is a PS3 clan ranked level 19 that has won 4 Platinum Division Clan Wars. We won our 1st Diamond Division Clan Wars. We're are friends, gamer's & people who care about one another.


                    NVZN clan requires the following...


                    • ACTIVE player who plays daily for a few hours each day.
                    • MUST COMMIT to be active during Clan Wars 48 hours prior to start (otherwise will be temporarily REMOVED from clan roster for duration of the Clan War).
                    • We have a Facebook clan page. We encourage clan members to join it for news & updates.
                    • Communicate w/ clan. Once a member joins we provide each others phone contact for texting to coordinate w/ one another when each other might be online.
                    • Solid player in both KD, Objective play style (when needed) & diverse gamer who enjoys most/all game modes!
                    • Be respectful of one anothers play style while online, we're a diverse group of ethnicity, gender & personalities!


                    If interested message me on this thread OR...

                    PSN at user ID...

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                      Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

                      I'd love to talk to you to see if you're a fit for us and if you'd find us a fit as well. Most of our clan is Central & Eastern US time zone. We play throughout the day and mostly in the late afternoon & evening. We are VERY active in Clan Wars & it's our main focus aside from BUILDING a strong team of friends & gamer's! We also have a woman in the clan too! My wife and you'll find diversity is another strong point for us. We aren't a large clan. We focus on QUALITY not quantity. I think based on your post we're the most ideal fit for you yet.


                      PS: We make the high KD clans rage quit & forfeit games quit often. It's pretty hilarious.

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                        Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

                        The PHOENIX FIRE clan is lvl 15 Platinum division with 25 members (8 PS4 and 17 PS3).  We already have a talented group but we are finding that you really need to field two full squads to win the clan wars.  We presently field about a squad to a squad and a half consistently throughout the wars.  So adding just a few more players to the mix would make a real difference.  The clan itself has been around for a couple of years now and it's roster is mostly college age through adult.  Overall we are an easy going group that play for the win and often dominate our matches when we get together.

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                          Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

                          Well hello, I'm the leader of Eternal Phoenix EPX. My clan just turned a month old around the start of this clan war. We're halfway to level 18 with 88 members. We've blown through the last two wars. This war were up and winning by more than 700CP. I have a strong loyal group of members. I do not appreciate clan hoppers even though it's sometimes expected. I have 2 girls in my clan at the moment. Both are very active. My clan kd is a 1.6 with 88 people so not too shabby I don't think. Were a good loyal group. I have roughly 35 members that have been with me from the start. If you would like to give us a try I would love to have you. I sent you a clan invite, feel free to accept. I kick inactive members. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.



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                            Re: LOOKING FOR A PS3 CLAN K/D 1.97

                            Hi we are looking for regular players by end of play today we should be in the diamond divisioN level 16. 4 members 2 female players in our clan. Apply to stalking wolves

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