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    Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

      First off, yes I am a female & I am also gay in case there are any problems with that. Even though I'd hope not smh! Lol


      I recently just stepped down fron owning my own clan, no one was active at all & every time we agreed to do clan wars or even game battles no one was on to participate. So here I am a free agent


      Im 19 also, turning 20 in March.

      My k/d is around 1.339

      Im a team player & very active online.

      I do have a mic but I get shy at times haha.

      I've owned my own clan so I know how things work.

      If you are also looking to get into game battles, I would definitely join!

      If not, that's fine


      i just want to join an active clan, a clan were members participate & have fun!


      Reply if interested or have an opening


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          Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

          Hi Tashalxo, check out our clan, our XBOX folks would love to have you.  We're currently looking for members on all platforms, so if you have any friends you want to bring along as well, please feel free to apply.  Here is our add:


          1H1K is now recruiting


          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

          About Us:

          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

          We are a smaller, but growing clan, that enjoy competing in clan wars.  Currently we are a level 13 clan, but with your help, can grow much more.  We are a small group of gamers (currently about 15 members), most of us know each other in real life, and the rest have been playing COD together for several plus years.  We all have real lives, families, full time jobs, but enjoy playing the game as often as possible.


          We are a tight knit bunch, but are looking to expand so we can become more competitive in clan wars, and we can meet more people. We primarily play core TDM, but encourage players of other game modes to join up, so we can be more competitive in those game modes as well.  Clan wars has forced us to leave our comfort zone and try other game modes, and have actually been doing pretty well with them, if you think you can help, apply!


          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

          Here are a few prerequisites, and things to consider, if you are interested in applying to our clan:

          -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

          - We're not looking for people to jump ship, don't join if you're a clan jumper, we want to build relations.

          - We're not all about the KD, but would really prefer people with a KD of over 1.0.

          - Would love a team orientated person, that has a good sense of humor and can take a joke.

          - Must be over 18 years old, and older more mature gamers are most welcome.

          - Must have a MIC, as we need to be able to communicate and work together as a team.

          - If you have a buddy that you want to bring along, let us know.
          - Must speak English.

          - Xbox players are encouraged to join as well, we only have a couple of them and would like to grow.

          - We don't discriminate, female gamers are also welcome to join.


          We have some new members that would love some company, so feel free to apply, we'd be happy to have you!  I appreciate your consideration, you can apply via the call of duty app, just search for:  1H1K

          Have fun and win guys, as that's what it's all about!  See you on the battlefield!


          - Pimply (PSN Gamer Tag)

          *If you send me a message via PSN, let me know you came from the forums.

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            Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

            Hello, we are currently recruiting.  We have 7 and are looking to go up to 9.  We are active and typically finish in top 3 of platinum.  Your kd is not a big deal as we are win oriented.  Add me... "Sledgehammer IV" clan is "band of bros IV"

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              Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

              Looking for an Awesome Clan? TAP Is now recruiting for XBOX360!

              Requirements-XBOX360 system not Playstation

              - Must have a mic

              -MUST be available and ready when clan wars start.

              - Must be active

              -KD Does not matter (Skill is not measured by KD)

              -Must have COD App

              -Must be chilll

              To contact please click the Link below:

              TAP | Facebook


              TAP is actively recruiting!  If you do not have FB then you can msg me directly on XBL. GT is: Akalakamelee orCJ11d7


              TAP is a new clan and is looking for serious but fun players!


              Hope to see you soon

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                Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                Rather than copying an pasting, our clan is always recruiting mature active members on both the xbox 360 and on the xb1. We have about 250 members between the two systems. As long as you're active and mature you'd be welcome to check us out. Feel free to send me a message on here or on XBL (preferably) on my GT: HG BEASTMODE. Talk to you soon.

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                  Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                  APeX Gaming is recruiting. We are undefeated in clan wars, we just won our first diamond clan war last night. We have almost 50 active members, and are constantly looking for people who want a competitive side to call of duty. If you are interested and still a free agent, message me. My GT is APeX Odin. Thank you for reading, best of luck!

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                    Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                    Your are welcome to join our clan (Team NGAF). if you have any question you can add me or message me. my gtag is Corruptrix

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                      Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                      BAIT Titans



                      Clan level 22

                      Clan k/d 1.74

                      Clan w/l 77%

                      10 members all from the uk


                      Any other information message me on xbl

                      My Gtag : milesleo

                      Clan leader : ir chaserz

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                        Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                        UK friendly clan with 15 clan members we are very active just won diamond league our clan is ranked 19. Interested please pm me or add me on Xbox LeGenDz Craze

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                          Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                          HI. We are Sub-woof and would love to have u.

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                            Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                            Would love to have you in my all female clan. Message me on live if interested - SarahxIsxChamp

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                              Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                              BNRZ are looking for active new members to join our clan, we want to start adding more female players.


                              Lv23 Clan with 40 members


                              Message me anrchy70 if you're interested!

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                                Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                Join PIKACHUU! Were level 13 and always looking for active members were friendly outgoing quite random and just love having fun and being weird lol. If you wanna join us add burnintreez592 that's me. I'm the clan leader and I'm on quite often

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                                  Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                  Team Xtinguish is a mature gaming community always looking to add new competitive players to its ranks.  Activity is a must, any other questions you may have can be answered at the website.  Check us out and throw in an app. We are setting up different divisions of our clan right now we have a NA division and a UK division would love an all girl division that is self sufficient.



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                                    Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                    I am a gamer girl too, I'm 26, and I would love more gamer girls in my clan ELITE REAP3RS... Our clan is VERY active, there is always a few people on sometimes we run 3 or 4 teams at a time.  Send me a message if your interested GT: NUCLEAR PIXIE


                                    Here is a little bit about our clan.



                                    Clan Name: ELITE REAP3RS

                                    Clan Tag: REPR

                                    Clan Website: http://elitereapers.clanwebsite.com

                                    Clan Level: 15


                                    About the Clan

                                    We are a fast pace competitive
                                    clan with players from all around the United States and a few other countries.
                                    Our clan is close knit almost like family with 60 members and growing; we work
                                    hard to keep our clan at the top of our division leaderboards and we take pride
                                    in all of our achievements.


                                    Clan Website

                                    Please sign up on our website it is a big part of our clan as a community. We use our
                                    website to communicate with the rest of the clan. This helps get to know each
                                    other, organize tournaments and events between clan members and other clans,
                                    discuss all of the different games and just to have a general chat about
                                    anything. As the website is a big part of our clan to stay together
                                    we are needing all of our clan members and new recruits to make sure that they
                                    can access our website and forum to stay in contact.


                                    How to apply

                                    Go to our website at http://elitereapers.clanwebsite.comand register with you XBL
                                    gamer tag so people can add you easier. Once you have registered and submitted
                                    your application, a Commander will soon notify you on what your next steps are.
                                    We look forward to seeing you!



                                    Must be 16 years old or older.

                                    Must have a mic.

                                    Minimum of .80 KD.


                                    If you think you will be a great addition to our clan message my Gamer Tag: NUCLEAR PIXIE on Xbox live or register on our website http://elitereapers.clanwebsite.com

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                                      Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                      hey, check out gringos. just started it last week, have a few people in it so far. older (we are around 30, live in TX). Active at night and on weekends. gt never5ayninja

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                                        Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                        Hey Tashalxo, I'm a female Commander that just left an inactive clan to start my own. We have 9 ppl now but want to expand to 12. I'm the only female in my clan and seriously looking for another female to compete with. We are very competitive in clan wars and continue playing clan v clan to level up. We are at level 7 right now. Clan name is HardCore Jokers. I hope you take a few minutes to check us out. You can send me messages on xbox live if you have any questions.


                                        Thank you,


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                                          Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                          Check us out...Homie GSB...level 17 gold division...we have 30 members and 2 females on the team...including my daughter...my gt is RoC x Phil 21 on xbl...check us out and send me a friend request and a clan request if u are interested...thanks

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                                            Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                            Clan Name: STR8 GANGST3RS

                                            We are serious about clan wars and are looking for active players only. If you're accepted into our clan and become completely inactive a week or two later, we will dismiss you from the clan. But we highly doubt this will happen because EVERYONE loves playing Call of Duty because it’s extremely FUN and COMPETITIVE. So please don't waste our time. We would like players with skill at objective based games (preferably), but will accept/invite anyone that will benefit the clan. We are moving to the DIAMOND division next clan wars. We also understand that people have LIFE’S, so we appreciate it when you “play when you can”.

                                            Our clan, STR8 GANGST3RS, is a level 17. We use the clan tag [WKUD] Our motto: We Kill........You Die........(it's that simple......)

                                            Our clan K/D is 1.23.

                                            We have 20 members (currently, but on the rise).

                                            Our only requirement is that you are active (minimum 24-48 hours) (This can also be averaged out if you and a friend would like to join). We also would prefer you to have the Call of Duty app, but it's not required. It's just easier to make plans for clan wars and communication.

                                            We’re trying to build a clan for clan wars that when they see our clan name in that clan war registration.....it puts FEAR into their Call of Duty hearts.

                                            So look up our clan (STR8 GANGST3RS) on the Call of Duty app and see if you think we'd be right for you and your friends and apply.

                                            If you are seriously interested and have any questions send me a message on the PSN, at quicksilver_07

                                            All we want to do is have FUN (NO DRAMA), but at the same time be very COMPETITIVE and WIN..........

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                                              Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                              I am also a female and leader of my clan. I am the only female right now but I think having another would be fun! I started my clan after me and the person I play with were in the same situation, it's not fun to be the only one playing.



                                              Our clan is fairly new, but has been growing with ACTIVE players.  We enjoy winning! We have members playing every evening into late night/early morning hours.



                                              We are level 15, have won our first 2 clan wars and will continue to win, going into gold division next clan war.  We all have mics, we get along great, have fun,  and play with each other & other clans very often to get parties of 6 going.



                                              During clan wars we play whatever we need to in order to win. We have members that enjoy core and hard core,  which makes us a very strong clan when it comes to capturing nodes!



                                              We don't care about k/d, and believe that it is not a reflection of skill, especially when it comes to playing objective based game modes.



                                              We are looking for active members who can contribute during clan wars.  We want 18+ and mature.  Having a headset and the ghosts app is extremely helpful and preferred.



                                              If your interested and this sounds like it would work for you send me a message on here and I'll send you an invite.

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                                                Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                                Hi im looking for female friends who play ghosts as I have many male friends who think us women cant/shouldn't play man games. I beg to differ, I for one am a good player and im just looking for new female friends to play with or join my clan

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                                                  Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]


                                                  I just started a clan, still only me in the roster. Female only, working on adding people. I am looking for girls that want to play and show the boys that girls can kick butt at video games! If you are interested, I am also looking for lt commanders. I believe you would be a good fit. Feel free to message me or find me on Xbox live (360). GT: AyeAyeBait

                                                  Hope to hear from you soon!

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                                                    Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                                    Hello my name is Brittany. My GT is x Candii Redd x and I'm the leader for the Xbox Division of Beauties of War. We are an all female clan across   Xbox and Playstation including New and old Gen. We play Black Ops 2, and Call of Duty Ghost.. And we are NOW RECRUITING♡



                                                    What we look for in new members..


                                                    Of course Females only♡

                                                    K.D 1.0 and above

                                                    Age 16 and over

                                                    Must have Mic

                                                    Be Active

                                                    Ability to take constructive criticism

                                                    Someone who is willing to improve

                                                    Able to maintain a good attitude with each other members and in lobbies.


                                                    There is a tryout process

                                                    1. Private Free for all Match with Members from Bow (Beauties of War) and our brother clan BoM ( Brothers of Mayhem)

                                                    2. 1v1 with a member from BOW or BOM

                                                    3. 3 Pub Matches ( Each of a Different Game Mode)


                                                    After that the tryout process is complete we will decide is you'll be a good fit for our clan

                                                    IF YOU ARE INTERESTED ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM AND WE'LL GET THE PROCESS STARTED..

                                                    CandiiRedd_  (<don't forget the underscore)

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                                                      Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                                      I have a post I think you might be interested in, I am looking for female leadership in my clan, take a look and let me know if you're still interested FEMALE GAMERS: MAX LEVEL 25 DIAMOND DIV CLAN ON 360

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                                                        Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                                        Chances are, you've already found a team, but in case you haven't, Titanium Squad is always recruiting. We are a competitive team of ladies and are currently Diamond in Clan Wars and level 25. Xbox 360, Ghosts


                                                        Check out our website for more info: www.titaniumsquad.com


                                                        For all the other Clans that replied to this post, Titanium Squad is looking for other Lady Clans to scrimmage against.

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                                                          Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                                          come on in latexgaming.com

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                                                            Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]


                                                            deo optimo maximo

                                                            established November, 2012

                                                            FIND US:

                                                            Visit us on YouTubeVisit us on TwitterVisit us on Facebook


                                                            We are now looking for more QUALITY gamers for our already successful and active community. We've been around for almost two years, and have been continuing our success. If you are looking to play with other gamers who are dedicated to team work, communication, and great attitude, then look no more! We concentrate in working together, to WIN together! Our community accommodates all consoles: PS3, PS4, XBOX360, XBOX ONE! This is an already established community and you will find members to play with no matter what day/time!


                                                            :I[ WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU ]I:

                                                            • Active members, ONLINE DAILY
                                                            • A home to be proud of and very active (website/forums)
                                                            • RED CLAN TAGS
                                                            • Participation in CLAN WARS! (Diamond / Platinum Divisions)
                                                            • Social Media Involved, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Channel! - MARKETING TEAM!
                                                            • Clan events – training sessions, inter-clan tournaments, scrimmages, game nights, meet n' greets, community involvement is at its best!
                                                            • Sponsored tournaments to win cash prizes! Events happening every quarterly or monthly based!
                                                            • MLG/Gamebattles Team for competitive players
                                                            • DOM REWARDS - get cash back by just being a LOYAL CONTRIBUTING MEMBER!
                                                            • Family-friendly community! Respect between all members regardless of age, location, gender, skill!

                                                            :I[ WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR ]I:

                                                            • NO K/D REQUIREMENT:  If you are looking to learn more about different game modes, WE CAN HELP YOU EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN THE GAME!
                                                            • MIC REQUIREMENT:* YOU WILL NEED A MIC that’s how you can learn to communicate effectively with other members!
                                                            • NO AGE REQUIREMENT, but the maturity level MUST be there!
                                                            • A QUALITY recruit, no cheating of any kind - boosting, hacking, prestige glitch, god mode, etc...

                                                            We truly are different from the rest as every member of our community is committed to DOM’s success and overall future. We all work together; play together, to win together. It is an exciting time for us. If you want to be part of a winning team that likes to have fun but knows when the right time to be competitive then please check us out! 

                                                            All players welcome. Casual and competitive, male or female, family-friendly clan!  We have members from all around the world and you will have always someone to play with!

                                                            To apply please go to our website at www.dom-clan.org Browse around and get a feel for our community. Then find the clan application that represents your current console and fill out the application.


                                                            You must fill out the clan application on our website first.

                                                            No applications will be accepted on GHOSTS app.


                                                            Good luck on your search for the right clan/community for you!

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                                                              Re: Girl gamer looking for a clan! [Xbox 360]

                                                              Are you still looking for a clan? I am part of a community called Visceral eSports.

                                                              Just like you I am also female, the guys with in the community are friendly and active most days. There is always someone online that will be willing to do GBs.

                                                              If you are interested message me on xbox. GT - Vis Repent

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