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      Played a few games earlier and wow at the camping of these new folk! Haven't seen that since launch.

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          I camp a lot more now than since game launch. It's usually the only way I can get decent assault kill streaks. In fact, I think I always camp to some extent regardless of the map. Sometimes I'll chill in a spot for a few minutes. If it's quiet I'll move to another spot. If the action is hot and heavy, I'll stay rooted until someone either forces me out or if it get's "too real". Other times, I will camp the entire game, especially if I can get a friend to bring some marshmallows!


          Some people are going to rush, some are going to snipe. Others are going to camp (be it corners or rooms). I'll do three of these; I don't camp in corners/weeds.

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              I camp most of the time because if I go run and gun, I get Bulldogged or knifed by some idiot running around with lightweight and marathon with a combat knife and you cant kill these idiots, you can shoot them with a clip and they're still going to get the epic mile long luuuuuuuunge and knife you. So I camp with a toob and danger close and I love it.

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                  So what do you do when you're out of ammo? The kaset only holds 4 rounds.


                  I must admit, when I was playing my "explosives" guy, I had a blast. Sure I was only averaging, at best, 1 kill per life but it was fun as hell. 2 IEDs, mk32 and primary with noob tube. I had a reason for this though, it was for multiple operations. Never saw so many negative comments about "n00b tubers" but dammit I earned my patch and wore it proudly. That soldier is prestiged already so I don't play him anymore. Regardless, fun times.


                  Knifers are also fun. I found the tactical knife build better than the combat knife; avoid that long drawn out stab and shove animation. Yeah, it's worth the perk point. Luckily that soldier is prestiged too although I keep seeing the balls of steel operation re-appearing. Might have to dust her off and going on a shanking spree.

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                  My game,i camp if i want to.


                  The whole idea behind a sniper is to...camp! YES that is right,snipers camp,and even if you dont snipe,camping in a spot where people come back to,to outsmart you is quite fun.


                  If you want to rush,go ahead,your game,and if i want to camp i will do so. Quite easy right ? so instead of coming to the forums and tell everyone that some people camp,because they baught a game with their own money,go back playing and rush,or l2camp,each to their own.

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                    My keyboard, does it look like I 'camp?'


                    If you want to camp go for it, but in games like DOM you're going to lose. Also remember that your [gun] is sticking out several 'feet' in-front of you, so corner-campers don't be too surprised when someone like me makes a 'U-turn' an pops you in the face; I see guns sticking out all of the time... Also it's a hell of lot harder to kill a moving target than one just sitting there still.