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    Possible Black Ops 3 Zombies Improvements

      Hey guys,

      I have been thinking about what Treyarch could do to improve zombies. These are just my opinions, feel free to add your own improvements.

      • There should be zombies clans along with a clan leaderboard
      • Treyarch should add a league play to inspire more competitive play against others
      • There should be a bigger variety of emblems to resemble a certain player's gamestyle like, medic emblems etc. i know someone has already posted this idea i just think that this would be a good idea




      Please answer with your own improvements, because i believe that the zombies community deserves a say in how the game should work.

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          Re: Possible Black Ops 3 Zombies Improvements

          I really like the third point emblems like:



          One Man Army


          (Can't think of any more at the moment )

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            Re: Possible Black Ops 3 Zombies Improvements

            I like the ideas but most important, display highest round in the lobby, just like BO or lets face it... players will quit constantly because they want to play for revives or head shots or some ugly ass emblem like they do in BO2 when the point of the game is to survive.


            They should make rounds somehow relevant to the emblem if they choose to use it again, like round 10 bowie knife, round20 pistol, round30 shotguns, round 40 gallil, round 50 ray, round 60 sniper, round 70 trap, etc

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