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    cheating losers


      just played a game of Demo on carrier. found 2 players on opposing teams hiding,using sniper rifles & tac. ins.,  killing each other. i guess they were trying to advance their camo scores. i started F'ing with them and they stopped.  would post their names but i know it would be blocked. they have no code of honor!

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          I can't stand when people boost. I honestly believe it ruins the game at some point. But as I stated before it's game everybody plays different just have to keep that in mind.

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            damn they needa get skill and get their camos n stop doing that ****\

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                That's the point they have no skill but boosting ain't too destructive if you can't shoot straight having all the perks,unlocks,patches camos etc etc ain't gonna help ya apart from making your inadequacies more apparent

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                They are bad cheaters if they can't win

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                  I thought boosters gone long time ago … Cause now there is a bot lobby, it will give you everything you want.


                  Boosters not a problem to me, I just can look for them and kill them every time they get together. (easy to find the boosting spots in each map)


                  However, I hate to go to a lobby that they know where are you (have a hidden VSATs) and you can't kill them (God's mode). Or, playing in league and suddenly it says "lost connection" in the first minute of the game (you got booted).

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                    Yeah i'm not a big fan of it, I don't really care if they do it to get tags... that's their own business and if they want to get a potential ban then that's their own problem. It does annoy me when it is affecting me, like people boosting to get Swarms, Dogs etc...

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                      I feel your pain, lol, I've ran into a couple boosters myself. The first booster was boosting for SMG camps cause he can't learn how to aim for the head. The second booster was doing the same thing but they were boosting for the crossbow bloodthirsty (lol and I can understand why), but the last I found was someone who had already boosted but I looked at his stats to try and make sure they were legit (they weren't legit( and found a kill confirmed match where he boosted for his nuclear. I could tell he boosted for his nuclear because he was only level 21 no prestige. Plus the number of people who have below a 1 kd but have 30 plus unstoppables which is ridiculous considering I had a 1.5 kd before I fresh started and the highest streak I had was 4 relentlesses. Idk what to think of COD anymore lol