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    Tranzit idea

      Was just looking through some odd things about Tranzit (as you do) and came across the mysterious Avogadro. He is made from electricity, Kills you with electricity and will appear with a thunderstorm directly ahead. The morse codes have been found and the messages found are:

      help me so i can help you
      the future is our to do destroy
      power is knowledge
      go to the light
      stay close to me
      energy can only be transformed
      we shall prevail

      If you think about these and relate them to the Avogadro, then maybe that might be the next step or whatever in Tranzit, I'm only throwing ideas out there. Maybe using the Jet gun or an Emp like you did with the lamposts in the Tower of Babble EE. Or maybe there is something in my idea that is completely stupid and something that is not possible. I'm just trying to say the Avogadro is just too irrelevant to not be part of something! Any comments and thought would be appreciated.

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          Re: Tranzit idea

          It's easy to apply any of the morse code messages to either Rich or Maxis, but some have been toying with the idea that perhaps it is the Avo that is pushing the messages through.

          To me, it cannot be Rich-- The messages aren't snide enough, and they don't make you feel like a bum.

          Maxis makes a bit more sense, but-- Go to the light? What light? Power is knowledge? Well, we all know to do the Maxis path you can't have power on... Stay close to me? That to me means Avo-guy.

          So, maybe the messages are in a specific order, on purpose, and they are instructions.


          Help me... yada yada, future is ours to yada yada.

          Power is knowledge. Turning on power releases our pal, and he can help us.

          Go to the light. Again, which light? There are morse codes on the pylon, on the lights at Town, Diner is "ON 4" us and lit...

          Stay close to me + energy can only be transformed. Keep Avo guy at our butt and kill zoms for 115? And by the "light"?

          We shall yada yada.


          So, to me, the quotes seem to fit our electric buddy a tad more than our other two "pals".

          They definitely fit Maxis more than Ed, since Max is only able to communicate through electronic devices.

          But, if he can speak at us through lamps lit by turbines, couldn't he do the same through a street light? Or something else electronic? Why would he broadcast messages like 'power is knowledge' or 'stay close to me'? One reason is because he's a crack-pot, yeah, but the quotes just don't seem to fit the our two main hustlers much, imho.

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            Re: Tranzit idea

            Here's an idea...

            These codes sound like he wants to fight with us, but every time he spawns in, he fights against us.

            It is known that he is in the chamber cell before the switch in power is pulled, and once you pull the switch and the cell rises, he looks almost in pain, as if the power chamber is taking it's energy from him directly.

            So maybe he fights us because we pull the switch and he gets mad at us for hurting him.


            Has anyone tried this:

            What if we emp him before pulling the switch? Will he leave the chamber? Or is he technically "not there" even though he is?

            If we get him out before the switch is pulled, maybe he immediately follows you around, or when he spawns later he will.


            Also, how will power station change if we release him early? Will there even be power? Maybe the power station will pull reserve energy from the large power structure just outside of power, giving that seemingly unnecessary structure a purpose?


            If Avo is with us, perhaps he will power everything for us similar to the turbine, but he can do unlimited supply as opposed to the breakable limited turbine. Also, he could be the key to interacting with objects in a new way. Maybe he can move the railcars somehow and we can get up to the reserve station. Perhaps the PhD/Mule location we've been missing?


            So many possibilities...someone needs to try this...

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              Re: Tranzit idea

              help avo get out of his chamber, he helps do the easter egg

              future maps all characters die from maxis

              power is knowledge, maxis and rich have power as in control, they know what to do'

              go to the pylon

              bring avo

              transform his energy

              easter egg complete


              Theres your morse code decoded.

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                  Re: Tranzit idea

                  So heres the question then if as you beleive the morse code describes the EE why would it be in morse code that only shows up post EE completion? In general I would agree with your idea if the code was available prior to EE.

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                      Re: Tranzit idea

                      The morse shows up as soon you turn on the power. The orbs are what show up after

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                          Re: Tranzit idea

                          Oh well that changes everything then I was under impression morse code began post EE but if indeed is just connected to power then yes a description of EE requirements makes total sense. DAMN!!! Lol was really hoping for something.... And the orbs... barely see any other than box orb but went into a random pub match and hello street light orb lol wtf???

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                      Re: Tranzit idea

                      anybody try having all 4 characters with all eastereggs complete go back to tranzit with the nav card from buried in hand. Once you start maxis Easter egg he says we need to nav card. Lets try this.

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                          Re: Tranzit idea

                          If someone has already put the card in from Buried, I'm pretty sure you cannot re-pick it up from Buried and do it again.


                          However, the table still prompts people for a navcard on Tranzit, unlike the other two maps...

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                              Re: Tranzit idea

                              Doing the ee's and using navcards in a different order sounds like what the devs hinted at. Jimmy said wait then continue to work, and reza said do the sidequests so they could mean to do the other ee's first


                              On a side note i started a question discussion about tranzit its about coding so if you know anything about coding please answer



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                                Re: Tranzit idea

                                I placed tranzit nav card in die rise once. Then picked up die rise nav card. Next match was playn tranzit and accidently grabbed the tranzit nav card. So yes you can pick it up again

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                              Re: Tranzit idea

                              also...my best theory yet. Have you noticed avagadro doesn't spawn in the tunnel. I hold it down with the packed M16.
                              the sign about day cross over to me is suspicious. So I think try spawning avagadro on diner, but lure him all the way into tunnel. Will he go in? I guarantee no one has tried this!!!! Maybe get him in and kill him under the sign. If you are 18years of age or older I am willing to work with you and try on ps3

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                                  Re: Tranzit idea

                                  I know people have brought him in there from the depot, not sure he's been killed by anyone in there.

                                  But, I'd say it's been tried...

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                                    Re: Tranzit idea

                                    i have brought him in the tunnel plenty of times. he has zapped everything in sight including the doors to the shelter and the day x 2 sign. i would like to try having him in the tunnel and EMP the bus in the tunnel. im not sure what to do at that point, but its something i havent tried although im sure others have. i have not killed him under that hole though maybe you need his enerrgy to go through the hole above you?

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                                    Re: Tranzit idea

                                    and the farm is a key component to tranzit. I think the barn has something to do with it. Marlton says something is messed up with his conception of time.
                                    I titititiy it may be far fetched. But maybe the silo is a rocket that takes us somewhere?

                                    but in theater mode I was looking at silo and just past it. I get kicked out of theater mode back to map screen. A message said Error. CG spawn. No free fake entities. is there something hiding here that they don't want us to see?

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