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    Adrenaline Rush--PS3--Level 18 Clan Recruiting

      We are looking to pick up players that are active.  Currently, we have 26 members, and a 1.9 k/d overall. We have won first place Bronze, Silver, and Gold clan wars.  We came in 2nd or 3rd the last couple of times in Platinum.  We need more day players.  Most of us are evening or night players.  Please leave your psn here or add me on the game if you are active.  We will even bring a friend or two with you as long as they are active also.  My psn is xViRGx or you can reply with your info below. 


      Please leave me the following details in a reply..

      • PSN
      • Time Played
      • Time of Day You Get On
      • K/D


      Hope to get some good adds to our close team.