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    PsychoTeddyBears [Cross-Platform][USA] Diamond Division Clan Looking For New Members

      We are a Cross Platform Clan looking for active players. We are currently at level 18 and still standing 7 strong. We are spread across PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 as of right. Obviously the more people we have join up with us, the more people you'll be able to team up with.


      All we ask is that you're active and that you help out with the Clan Wars. Other than that, just have fun. If you're interested please feel free to apply through the Call of Duty app. I have the app downloaded so I would be able to see it almost right away. Hope you have an awesome day and see you in the lobbies!





      There is another thread out there for us, but I have to post these from my phone and I don't have an option to edit the original thread, nor delete. So hopefully the mods won't mind this thread and will delete the other one.


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