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    xbox360 THE KD KILLERZ are recruiting members 1.8+kd

      This is a new clan i dropped from a diamond division lvl 23 clan to create my own clan and here it is THE KD KILLERZ i do have requirements as i am not just going to start up a scrub clan sorry not all players are welcome you must have a 1.8 KD or higher must get on every day if i see inactive members after two days with out notice you will be kicked out of the clan i am creating a top rank clan please dont bother messaging me saying its almost to 1.8 it will be a NO also this is a big boy clan there will be cursing as you know every one does it online but only to other clans not among are selves. i really hope to pick up some good members from this i do have a mic and i play 9-10 hours a day sometimes less my kd is 2.46 my win loss is 2.3 i use all types of guns i play all types of game modes i prefer search and rescue but i also play domination and kill confirm and blitz i play everything lol hope to hear from some of you my XBL TAG is xFAIRYxTAILx message me or find the clan and send in app............we now have 4 members all above a 2.3 kd ratio and highest being a 2.7 ratio