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    Looking for a clan PS3



      I'm on about 3-4 times a week. 1.38 KD (I'm actually better than that now usually averaging 2.0, I was really bad at the game when I first got it)


      Not looking for something too serious just want to have fun. I do not have a MIC.


      PSN: galaypk



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          Re: Looking for a clan PS3

          Do you have skype?


          I'll send you an invite / friend request in about 30 min and we can go from there.


          Gamer tag: monticlaire22

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            Re: Looking for a clan PS3

            YO ADD ME : Reaper_Kreationz

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              Re: Looking for a clan PS3

              Hey my online psn is gh0st42o0ut I don't have a mic .. My k/d 0.755 , I am a sniper I prefer to use  the L115 but at the current moment I am working on achieving the golden camo for the USR Im interested in joinin a clan

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                Re: Looking for a clan PS3

                They may change the system of how Clan Ops or Clan Wars is structured but there will always be the Pubs!



                We are a mature 18+ Playstation clan looking for mature gamers. We are active in Clan Wars but we also know that to win in Clan Wars we have to win in Pub Matches as well. We are fresh starting out but have loyal members that have been gaming for over a year and wanting more. We are looking to work as a team in a coordinated effort to put ourselves in position for wins in Pubs but also be competitive in Clan Wars.



                Our Goals:



                - Coordinated teamwork in pub matches.

                - Maintain active membership in game and on our forums.

                - Be a member driven community.



                Our Requirements:



                - Must have a mic.

                - Want to be a part of our online community.

                - Work as a team.

                - No ragers

                - Mature Gamers

                - No Cheaters/Boosters (we are a fair gaming community).



                We hold weekly practices so we can work on tactics, teamwork, call outs and on our own shortcomings in gaming. There's always room to improve and there's always a need to help each other get better.



                If interested you can contact me either here, on our site @ http://afterhourscrew.enjin.com or on PSN oxNIGHT_RIDERxo (I'm on PS3 & PS4).

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