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    Ak12 JuNkiEs (level 12) (ps3) clan looking for active and loyal players for normal gameplay as well as clan wars!!!!

      AK12 JuNkiEs dominated our first clan war by 450 capture points!!! We are level 12 with gold clan tag... there are 13 members but only about 5 of them play regularly... so we are looking for loyal, active, team players to join.... only 2 things required!!!!


      1: atleast a 0.75 k/d or higher

      2: have the cod app


      And of course be active and play with teamates as often as possible....


      If interested reply with ur psn name or message me SCoTT_DuBsTeR....

      You can also apply on the cod app


      I do work, so i play late afternoons and nights.... but everyday.... actually most of our players are afternoon players so just a heads up, we are active...lol also its on you to send invites and communicate with other clan members... let yourself be known and introduce yourself as a new addition to our gaming family!!!!