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    Anyone having this problem?


      So lately, xbox live has been giving me problems or my internet has or something. It has been going between three to four bars sometimes less. This has never happened before and looking at the select button it is happening to almost everyone i am playing with at the time. Any suggestions on what to do or has anyone else been experiencing this the last few days?

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          I have been having the same problem.


          I also can not get a full lobby when I "find" a game, it puts me into an empty lobby and will not put me in a game (I spent 20 minutes waiting one time and finally just "joined" someone else already in a lobby).


          It seems to happen to many of my friends.


          Only after selecting the "Any" option for searching will it even take long, but put me in laggy lobbies with people from Germany and Australia.


          What is going on with the servers???



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            Yes i have this problem as well. From 4G internet and a good memory xbox and still have a 2-3 bar problem. Lag affects everyone so maybe it's just one person in that party with bad connection and you are too. just a guess. -BlackNight

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              Yes, same here. But it seems it only looks that way. The other day I had a 2 bar connection, and I felt I got shot around corners, so I left. But it turned out I was the host. (host migration popped up, after I left). I have no idea why it keeps appearing why I'm on a 2 or 3 bar connection, when I'm hosting.

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                i havnt been having exactly the same problem, but the problem ive been having tonight is that when i get into a game, there is multiple host migrations per game, it lags really bad, and now within the past hour ive been getting sent back to the pre-game lobby after like 3 or more host migrations during the game